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INTERVIEW: “Dark Thoughts and Happy Endings” by Alice Di Trolio

Dark Thoughts and Happy Endings is a poetry collection about heartbreak, mental health and open thoughts. Dealing with depression and anxiety, Alice channels her thoughts and feeling into this, her first poetry anthology. With compelling imagery and a unique style, it aspires to strike a chord with anyone facing these issues.

Hello, Alice! What inspired you to create your debut book?

I have been writing poetry for a long time now and am quite proud of my work. It has always been my ambition to share my work with others, but I never had the confidence to until now. I am at a point in my life where I really wanted to nail down what direction I am taking my life in. I have always been passionate about writing, I felt it was time to get my work out there and see where it takes me.

That’s absolutely wonderful. Now I’d love to hear about your writing  journey.

I started writing when I was a little girl. My Grandma and I used to send poems back and forth to each other and she helped me get a poem published in the Beano. As I got older and particularly during puberty, it became a way that I could channel my thoughts, fears and anxieties.

I find it heartwarming that you and your grandmother did that. What a unique way to communicate. What themes do you focus on in this book?

Heartbreak, anxiety, depression, but also hope and love. Most of these poems were written when I was 16/17, so really all the crazy emotions you go through at that time. It’s about reflection mostly, reflecting on my own situations as well as the situations and people around me. I hope that it is work that many people can relate to.

I know that MANY people will connect with such themes. Who are your personal muses?

My biggest inspiration is Sylvia Plath. It was learning about her and studying her work at A Level that really began my journey into using poetry as more of an outlet and really inspired my style. Her imagery is so vivid, intense and she’s so real with her experiences. I found it so inspiring. There’s even a poem I wrote about her in the book. Amanda Palmer the musical artist is also a huge inspiration to me. I call her the Sylvia Plath of our time, again her imagery is so vivid, she’s so real with her art. I am very inspired by people who are passionate and unafraid to show it. I hope that comes across in my works.

As am I! What’s your writing process like?

Usually I am struck with the inspiration to write because I am in a certain mindset or thinking about a theme and will first get my stream of thoughts and feelings down onto a note on my phone. I’ll then decide how many lines I want per stanza, whether I want it to rhyme, on which lines and start to break the ideas down until they fit that structure. I’ll look at different ways of explaining what I’m trying to say, and really try to hone in on that imagery. Sometimes I’ll take a while editing and writing until it feels right. Other times it will fall out of my fingers like my laptop keyboard is a piano and I’m just playing away.

I am very inspired by people who are passionate and unafraid to show it.

Awesome. So, what’s next for you?

With this being my first book, I am looking mostly at publicising it and starting to build an audience; however, I have also started putting my next anthology together and am looking into writing some different stuff based more on history and religion.

More writing! That’s what I like to hear. Any concluding thoughts?

I am excited to finally be able to share my work with the world, and the support I have received so far has been really heartening to see. I only hope that I can continue to build on what I have so far, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me!

Best of luck, my friend, and thank you kindly for taking some time out of your day to speak with me.


Alice Di Trolio started writing poetry at a young age. Her passion for writing manifests itself in other forms of creative and academic works. Her love of poetry and creative writing began thanks to her Grandma; with whom she would swap poems over e-mail and helped get her first poem – a limerick – published in the Beano.

As a teenager, she was inspired by writers such as Sylvia Plath, Lewis Carrol and Shakespeare. Struggling with anxiety and depression, she learnt to channel her thoughts, feelings and emotions into poetry.

Now, almost 10 years after she started writing, she has begun to publish and share her works.

Alice is a geek, with a passion for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Star Wars, video games and board games. She also loves a beer festival and is known for raising money for charity through her cosplay work as Madgirllolly.

📖Alice’s Official Website

📖Now available on Amazon!

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White Flames (senryu)

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📘INTERVIEW: Voix de ma Coeur, Songs of my Soul by Victoria A. Wilder📘

Take a journey into a heart on display with this stellar collection of poems that span a short, but emotionally driven lifetime. Follow the author Victoria Wilder as she shares with you her most vulnerable thoughts.

This collection includes poems previously published, as well as never-before-seen works from the author.

In her own words, “each [poem is] a snapshot of my heart through various times. I ask that you are kind, for you’ll see that my heart is more fragile than she seems.”

Victoria’s words are often empowering, sometimes funny, and always powerful. She speaks with an awareness of her own flaws, but seeks to embrace the greatness she believes all people possess. If you’re looking to be touched and inspired, this book is for you!

Good evening, Victoria! From the description and title alone, I’m eager to hear more about your book! What inspired it into existence?

VdmC is a collection of works from my youth to now. The poems inside were inspired by love, heartbreak, healing, loss, and spiritual growth.

As a mystic poet, I particulately resonte with the latter; however, all of these things serve as a powerhouse of inspiration. How did your passion for poetry come about?

I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. As a child, I played around with Seussian pieces, then I fell in love with EB Browning and a few others. Poetry’s always been a method of expression for me.

So, it’s been a lifelong love of yours. I’m happy to hear that! I’m sure there are plenty of central messages in your book, but can you name some of them anyway?

I suppose I want the reader to feel connected to someone. Technically, that someone would be me, but I mean on a deeper level. I want the reader to know that life, with all its ups and downs, can be a beautiful and richly felt experience–that it can be joyous. Healing can happen any time, and no one truly suffers alone. You just have to reach out and connect to others. I guess the overall message is that love and truth are stronger than any darkness we might come across.

That certainly is an impactful message. What an inspiration you are! Who are your main creative influences?

As a kid, I adored Elizabeth Barrett Browning and carried around a huge collection of her works. I was also into Poe, Shel Silverstein, and Oscar Wilde. I found poetry in old classic stories all the time and enjoyed British Lit a lot more than other kids my age. I’m sure that had a big influence on some of my work.

[L]ife, with all its ups and downs, can be a beautiful and richly felt experience.

What wonderful influences! So, do you have much of a writing process or does it vary?

Most of my poetry is spur-of-the-moment. A word, a sound, a phrase–something will come to my mind and from that I’ll lead to a new image. Sometimes a story is told. At other times, it can be more abstract. Often, I’ll have an emotional experience and the only way for me to understand it is to write it out. That can take the form of a poem or short piece or song lyrics. My process changes with my mindset.

That makes perfect sense! I think I may already know the answer to this one, but if you could meet any poet from the past, who would it be and why?

That would, of course, be EB Browning. She was bedridden most of her life due to illness, but managed to live a full life. The emotion in her poetry is so powerful. I’d love to hear about her life and see the strength I always imagined she had in person.

Great choice! It takes some amazing perserverance to live life to the fullest even when bedridden. Is there anything else you like to mention about your book and any upcoming ones?

Voix de ma Coeur is a collection of poems spanning nearly two decades, and I’m rather proud to finally have it out in the world. I hope to also have my debut novel, Lullaby of the Lilitu, available in 2019. Visit my website to learn more about that and read more of my work. The links are included below.

My hope is to not only live a joyful and fulfilled life, but to somehow inspire others to do the same. Thank you so much for this delightful interview. I send out love to all your readers!

You are so sweet! Thank you. What an inspirational interview this has been. Best of luck with all of your endeavors, fellow poet.



Now available on Amazon!


Victoria Wilder is a New York-based author currently revising her debut novel, Lullaby of the Lilitu, first in her series, The Acheron Journals.

She wrote her first “book” in the fourth grade for a writing competition featuring a haunting at a sleepover. From that, she won her first ever prize, sparking a passion for writing that has followed her into adulthood.

Victoria has been an avid reader for longer than she could talk. She has always loved dark, romantic tales and classic horror. Her favorite books as a child were Romance novels, R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, and Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

📖Official Website







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📖INTERVIEW: “Inspire Me: Raw” by Sonia Iris Lozada🖤

Inspire Me: Raw is a collection of spirited poems from actor, writer and poet Sonia Iris Lozada that is beautiful and inspiring. Using her knowledge of events that shaped her life she shows others how having courage and faith can motivate them to move on with their lives, avoiding the negativity that often keeps us bound to the same place.

Good afternoon, Sonia! Will you tell me a bit about Inspire Me: Raw and what inspired you to write it?

In INSPIRE ME: RAW, I write about change and how it affects life and yet it allows for new opportunities to arise. I enjoy minor changes but being thrust into the unexplored psyche after surgery; the history I knew of myself—dissipated. Losing my autonomy for two months is challenging but the spiritual awakening ensuing it, altered those perceptions. The benefit from this event? I once again encountered my passion for poetry which I’ve written since childhood.

Wow. That’s powerful. When did writing first become your passion?

Since I was a child, I wrote poetry and would just put it away for no one else to read. I felt it was too personal, and it was intimidating to feel so vulnerable. Feeling shame by some experiences and even contemplated using a pen name but decided to be out there RAW for others to see and maybe help them not feel alone.

I can definitely understand that. I’m glad you’re sharing your work now, though. In your book, what would you say is your central message?

The message of this collection and my soon-to-be-released collection INSPIRE ME: RAW 2 is about change and acceptance, its setbacks and humor. The experiences that cause one to surrender to the past and move on with our lives.

Sounds empowering to me! As a poetess, what influences you the most creatively?

My influences are:
1. Nature, I just love nature because of its calmness and presence.
2. People. I’m fascinated by the world, beliefs, culture and human behavior.
3. Children & Animals. Their innocence and how they should always be protected.

[T]his collection […] is about change and acceptance, its setbacks and humor. The experiences that cause one to surrender to the past and move on with our lives.

That’s wonderful! Now I’m interested to know about your writing process.

I usually get inspired by dreams, science, and events I read about. I see the entire story of the poem. I write without editing, just getting the emotion on paper then I put it away for a couple of days. When I return to the poem, I’ll do any research and editing. I re-edit several times. For instance, I had a dream about a journey through different lives and I had to research one stanza of the poem “I Follow” (a long poem to be released as its own book) which showed a life in 300 BC. The first stanza showed the continent and the clothing of the period. I had to research when it occurred in history.

That sounds very thorough. So, I’m curious… I noticed you’ve resided in both Chicago and Los Angeles. How did living in Chicago and The City of Angels influence you?

As a Puerto Rican actor, writer and poet living a bicultural life in an urban city like Chicago then Los Angeles I’ve learned and experienced the richness and multicultural influences of these cities. It fascinates me to see people from all over the world and experience their food, dance, beliefs, and customs.

Diversity really is beautiful. I’m glad those areas enriched you as both a person and creative mind. Do you have any final thoughts?

I love hearing from readers and respond when I’m reached on my Facebook page  and YouTube channel (Subscribe and comment!).

 📖Now available on Amazon!

Rated 5 Stars!


SL_167Gimp_TU_web_Konerko.jpgFrom alternative punk recording to mainstream television and movies, Sonia Lozada has always been at the heart of contemporary creative work. The founder and publisher of LOZT Magazine in the 80’s, and a performer in bands, she became an actor on both stage and film. Her other passions include design, decoration, and spiritual development. She’s been writing poetry since she learned how to write, and INSPIRE ME: RAW is her first published collection; she hopes these poems can help others experience that they are not alone.

📖Sonia’s Official Website!
📖Follow her on Instagram!





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INTERVIEW: “This Is Me” by Freya Pickard

Three Volumes of Freya Pickard’s poetry in one paperback! Inside is the tale of Freya’s darkest nightmare. Excerpts from her journal written whilst experiencing cancer will bring comfort and renewed determination to anyone dealing with a life-threatening illness. And, it is hoped, that those on the edges, watching from afar, will be able to identify with people who have cancer. My Mythology is a collection of poems inspired by myth and legend. Will you dare to walk on the fringes of fear or glance into the blank mirror? Are you brave enough to stand before the thunder god or receive the sun lord’s gifts? Can you survive the bewitching ocean song or escape from zombie mushrooms? Read on to discover your darkest fears and brightest dreams! This is Me is a poetical biography. Freya is both brutally honest and playfully elusive, depending on her mood. Her observations on the natural world and how it affects her body and mind, reveal a complex, female being.

Hello Freya! I must say, the premise of this book is not only intriguing but inspiring. Speaking of which, what inspired this lovely, empowering creation?

My inspiration for this book is Life and specifically about surviving cancer. I also write about what inspires me – fantastical worlds and heroic characters. This Is Me encapsulates my life between the ages of 20 and 45.

Empowering indeed. I’m glad you decided to write a book of poems that serves as a tool for coping, healing, and diving deep into imaginative worlds. When did writing become your passion and how did that all come about?

I have always written poetry! I can’t remember the first poem I wrote, but I enjoyed writing as a young child at school. When I went to college I was introduced to haiku by one of my lecturers and since then I have explored many forms of poetry as well as inventing my own; Freyan Verse.

Freyan Verse… I love it! Plus, your name is simply exquisite in general. Care to share some of the central messages in this collection?

My main message through This Is Me is the vital need we as humans have to survive. In facing death and overcoming cancer we are made stronger. When we go through difficult times in life, we can either let it make or break us. I also consider many varied themes in the second part, My Mythology. Here I explore all the legends, myths and true stories that have inspired me since I was a teenager.

How inspirational is that? Okay, now let’s talk influences. Who/what are yours?

JRR Tolkien played a huge part in my appreciation of poetry. His ancient lays gave me the feel for my own (e.g. Haldron and The Mermaid and the Quirat Prince). Other influences are too numerous to name individually. But I will say that Claudia Messelodi, Elizabeth Leaper and JulesPaige have all inspired and influenced my poetry writing – usually by introducing me to forms I never knew existed and by helping me see things in a different way.

In facing death and overcoming cancer we are made stronger. When we go through difficult times in life, we can either let it make or break us.

That’s wonderful! Do you have a specific writing process? If so, what does it normally consist of?

I am still not sure what “a writing process” is! I just write. Every day. Right now I am writing a new novel in my journal. I write a page each day which amounts to around 160 words. When I don’t want to write prose, I write a poem. I use everyday inspiration to write about real life as well as exploring speculative poetry. I write because I have to. Without words I would go mad!

Spoken by a true writer. I find it amazing that you take the time to write every single day. That takes some mad discipline, so go you! Are there any concluding words that you’d like to share with everybody?

When reading This Is Me, remember that this really is me, without any pretence or disguise. If you read my poetry, you will understand me far better than the people who know me face-to-face but who do not read my works!

That’s such a beautiful final sentiment to wrap this interview up with. Thank you so much for chatting with me, Freya. This has certainly been an insightful interview. All the best!



📖Now Available on Amazon!

Watch the book trailer below!

Freya2Freya doesn’t write about imaginary worlds; she writes about imaginative ones. These are worlds that could be real in a parallel universe or another time dimension. She does not promote escapism; instead she takes her readers into a refreshing place so that they return to their normal lives feeling strengthened and renewed. A cancer survivor, Freya is inspired by her garden, a variety of music and beautifully written books. Freya Pickard has now published eight books. To find out more about the author, visit her official website at

📖 Facebook 📖 Twitter 📖 Spilled Words 📖