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Gatekeeper (poem)

Tomorrow is a worry house that willingly, no one calls home. But it calls on them. Takes the mind in its uncertain hands and distorts it. Makes a fort for it and only spoon feeds it what-ifs and shoulds and cants and more what-ifs. 

Today is as tangible as air, as dry sand in tight clutch. 
The home awaits. How long we are looming over morrow’s gates is entirely up to us. And we won’t be freed until we realize the gatekeeper is none other than ourselves. 

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📖PROMOTING POETRY BOOKS: “Urban Inspiration” by William H. Stokes📖

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A spiritual collage. A collection of poetic pieces aiming to impact the culture. The words infuse the dialect of Scriptures with life experiences, and deep truths. The mission of the poems is to inspire the reader to seek truth for themselves.

First and foremost, what was your main inspiration for Urban Inspiration?

I’ve had random pieces that I’ve written over the years, so I wanted to put together a tangible project. I have been doing Inspirational Hip-hop for the past 13 years. This poetry book brings a certain level of maturity to my passion.

Writing for over a decade is quite a long time, so it’s safe to say you’ve had a lot of time to hone your craft. Can you describe your writing journey in a few sentences?

I’ve been writing poetry since a young child. In my teenage years and early twenties I stepped away from my pen. Even though I went to college, I delved into a lifestyle revolving around sex, money and drugs. After an enlightening experience in my late twenties I began writing again. I did a lot of random pieces and put most of my poems to music. I always knew I was a gifted writer, and had a burning passion for it. I just decided to get focused on becoming a serious author.

I’m glad that you ultimately shifted your focus. What central messages are featured in this book of poetry?

I touch on a broad spectrum of themes but most of them come back to having faith. I paint pictures of inner-city issues, touch on racial tension, self-help, love and the frustrations of daily life.

Needless to say, you showcase a multitude of vital issues that are quite universal. In general, what would you say inspires you as a writer?

I am simply inspired by what I have seen throughout my life. I grew up in a low income area, and saw a lot. I am now married with children and living in a different environment. I pull from past experiences, my current family life, and the stories of people that cross my path.

Experiences (both good and bad) really have a way of shaping us as artists and as human beings. Now, let’s move on to the creative process. What does it typically look like for you?

I mainly write when the inspiration is there. I never force myself to write, but I do set aside specific times to brainstorm. I keep either my Notes app on my iPhone or a pen handy just in case some inspiring lines hit me. When I’m ready to piece something together, I’m able to pull from my notes and whatever is flowing at the moment.

I smiled when you brought up the Notes app. I feel like I use that thing more than pen and paper these days. But yeah, writing is a free-flowing sort of process and it’s never meant to be forced. Great point!

Before we wrap things up here, would you like to make any concluding comments to anyone who will read this interview?

I’m looking forward to the impact that Urban Inspiration will make in the lives of others. There is literally something for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or creed. I believe that writing is my gift to the world and Urban Inspiration is a part of my legacy and contribution to the betterment of society.

What a powerful final statement to make. It goes without saying that you’ve found your one true calling in life, William. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. You were a joy to talk to!

Urban Inspiration is available at the following websites:



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Lake Erie Sunset 🌅 (photography) 

There is truly nothing I enjoy more than relaxing by the beach during a breathtaking sunset. 🌞