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Melt! | Λιώσε! ☼ (poem | ποίημα)

In the depths of winter,
I write poem upon poem
about the sun until my paper
stacks reach it and
icicles & snow galore will
be no more!

Translation in Greek:


Στα βάθη του χειμώνα,
Γράφω ποιήματα για τον ήλιο
μέχρι να τον φτάσω και
να λιώσω τους σταλακτίτες
και το χιόνι για πάντα!

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© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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After Yule ☂ ☃ (poem)

Days after Yuletide,
Water droplets on my window,
Cardinals sing away cold, I am sure of it.
But Ohioan Januaries don’t care for song,
The frigid sun will come and freeze the
air to silence.

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Summer During Winter ☃(poem)☀

Give me a blizzard’s worth
of warm
we’ll need no comforters;
or fleece sheets;
or flannel pajamas,
just flesh-to-flesh;
to create summer
during a premature winter.

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➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2014

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Premature Winter ❅ (poem excerpt)

frozen flake melts into my bluster-teased hair;
hint of winter soul(st)ice is in the air!
brittle branches holding onto remaining leaves
tightly, not yet ready to shed their clothing in full.

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➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2014

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Winterotica ❆ (poem excerpt)

In the right-smack-middle of summer
and other seasons `part from winter,
I find a most nostalgic state; missing
the maskery of things, the snow chilling
the bones; the clothes hiding the unknowns:

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➟ ⓒ 2014 – Eva PoeteX