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Between Yin and Yang #AbstractArt

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Super Giant (prose poem)

My love for you equates to a sun a billion times bigger than the biggest sun in the observable universe. My heart may be a trillion times smaller than an atom in comparison, but its energy field reaches the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy—I swear. I’m well aware that you might feel like a nothing nobody amidst all these starry seas and spinning planets and cosmic debris. To me? I see a super giant that can out-gleam it all; can play basketball with any of the other celestial spheres. I don’t care that you appear to be 6 feet tall. Our skin contains only part of the story. The rest of the art is dispersed all around us—all within us. Both, infinitely as large. A lifetime’s not enough to discover it. That’s why I’m coming back again and again, and again…

Eva PoeteX © 2016

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Underseer (poem)

I found a crease right underneath one of those laughing eyes and immediately, I microfied, made a hammock of your under-eye, found solace in empty river bed, sipped sangria wine until the day you rained, then I reverted back to my human size and held you close till we synchronized and became weightless starpeople.

Eva PoeteX © 2016

kiss astral

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The Key of Love (poem) ♪♬♫

we hop
from piano key
to piano key
creating classical concertos
along the way
all while side-sweeping
the yin down Yang Lane.

And when & if we approach
the piano’s cliff, we could either
dive into the unknown or thrive.
Or dive AND thrive
by climbing up a bit
and turning the page
of life’s eternal sheet
music & continue pursuing
the path of paired pianists.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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Elephant Spirit 🐘 (Zentangle Art)

Elephant Spirit Zentangle3
You can purchase a print of this here.
The postcard version is only $1.91. 😉

The process…
FullSizeRender(2)FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRender … I then inverted the image, added stars in the background, and clouds in the foreground using a free photo editing program called Pixlr

I’ve had a bit of an elephant obsession as of lately (that’s an understatement)… I now have elephant earrings, a watch with a tiny golden elephant at the 12:00 mark (that was merely coincidental), and elephant yoga pants! 😀 This piece was inspired by kundalini artist Arna Baatz (which I recently published on the The Artistic Muse. Go here).

🐘  🐘  🐘