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🌺INTERVIEW: “God Placed You Here: A Walk to Faith” by C. Melita Webb🌺

God Placed You Here is a motivational powerhouse filled with inspirational poetry, prayers, affirmations, essays and heartfelt sentiments. The perfect way to start your day, pick up your afternoon and end your evening with a smile.

Uplifting words of faith will encourage, inspire and assist you on your journey to developing a stronger connection with our Heavenly Father. Whether you were seeking to deepen your understanding of God’s love and direction, or beginning to lay the foundation of your faith, you will enjoy the loving guidance provided in these words of wisdom.

Designed to empower children of God who are seeking a closer walk with Him. This compiled collection is an empowering affirmation of life. You will leave your worries and stress behind you as you read, reflect and manifest your way to a spiritually happier life. These loving words will assist you in recognizing all that you are in God’s eyes, His love and His glory.

You will find more spiritual strength and blessings each time you read these encouraging sentiments of faith.

This book can be used as a wonderful reference for self development and transforming your life. A great gift for you or someone you love who is seeking to become more enlightened and inspired. Come and enjoy every step of your journey.

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Every poet I have had the pleasure of interviewing up until this point has been nothing short of inspiring, and so are you C. Melita! We’ve chatted quite a bit leading up to this interview, and your story, courage, and perseverance have really touched my heart. So, this book is part of a four-part poetry series. What inspired the creation of this series, and more specifically, book three?

I kept hearing how a lot of people were giving up on life. Children who were bullied and a lot of pain in our society. Then the schoolgirls in South Africa were returned. I remember one picture where they were home, but their spirits seemed to be crushed. I knew they had shame in their hearts and felt cultural embarrassment for being violated, stolen and abused. I started writing a few poems, and thoughts. Then, as I put the book together, I felt led to the title. I wanted everyone with hurt, pain, depression, and anxiety to know they are important, wanted and needed by society. More importantly, they were created with a glorious purpose that has yet to be fulfilled. So my book celebrates the struggle to realize who we are in God and so much more of our life’s journey.

Wow, that is immensely beautiful and beyond touching! When and how did poetry first become your calling?

A book by Maya Angelou was loaned to me by a librarian or teacher in elementary school. Her story hooked me and her poetry taught me to dream. As I lost more of my vision, her words led me back to my love of writing and helped me remember we all struggle and to keep going.

I wanted everyone with hurt, pain, depression, and anxiety to know they are important, wanted and needed by society.

Maya Angelou is a huge inspiration to us all, that’s for sure. Why do you write?

I often write as I fight pain and breathing issues. It helps me find focus and think. Sometimes it helps me fight the pain too. So I write everything positive I can think of and save it. Then I listen to it when I’m in pain, struggling to breathe or just in need of a smile.

Your resilience is amazing. I’m glad poetry has a way of picking you up, even during such difficult times. Who is your biggest influence?

My father. He requested I publish some of the writing I had shared with him. So the first book was written for my father. Then the reviews were spectacular, so we put it in a print and e-book. I had so much written that it couldn’t fit into just one book. I saw an opportunity to help others facing life’s challenges and so I released three more books each with a specific purpose.

That’s wonderful! What central message does each book in the series convey?

  • Book One is like a welcome to my thoughts and enjoy your life.

  • Book Two is celebrating life and God’s love for His children.

  • Book Three is understanding why we are here and motivation for life’s journey.

  • Book Four is understanding what we mean to our Heavenly Father. Thus the title “Built for God’s Glory.”

Excellent! You have mentioned your struggles with your vision and breathing. Can you tell me and community a little bit more about that challenge, if it’s alright with you?

I fight with CRPS which affects my eyes. I also fight with severe asthma, so I do my best to keep my mind busy and find ways to relax through writing. Since my eyesight is blurry, I use voice to text to dictate my thoughts and tape a lot of my writings. I have a great team of three editors and a lot of family support.

You, my friend, are proof that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. I’m so glad you continue to write no matter what! Keep on doing what you’re doing. Many blessings to you! 🙂




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INTERVIEW: “Psyche’s Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul” by Pamela S Alexander

“Psyche’s Poetry: Beauty to Awaken the Soul” is a beautiful collection of stirring spiritual verse written to reveal universal truths and lead you to a fuller understanding of your inherent value, deeper purpose, and to greater consciousness. Within these pages, poet Pamela S. Alexander invites people of all religions, denominations, and philosophies to join her in the human adventure of remembering who you really are.

We all have innate gifts, but sometimes they can require effort to recognize and be difficult to share. As you allow the words of these poems to settle gently in your mind, heart, and soul, you will gain clarity and grow in the confidence to be true to yourself and your calling as you embark on your own journey to truth.

Embody the truth
Be a light
Live from the Self
And then take flight.


📖Available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble!

Good morning, Pamela. This blog I run is quite mystical in nature, so it’s particularly exciting chatting about your poetry collection. Spirituality is an obvious inspiration, but can you elaborate on what really brought this book to life?

The poetry in this book is written spontaneously and is given to me like a gift from spirit. I will feel a poem coming, sit down, write the words, and then read the poem. All of this normally occurs within a minute or so. I sometimes will change a word or two around if the flow doesn’t feel right, but otherwise they just emerge fully formed. When I read the poems I am often surprised how they speak to where I am and serve as inspiration for myself and others.

The basic premise is much like that of my other book. The soul comes into the world and is conditioned by those around it to believe it is a body, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Many of us are told how to live, who to be, and what is true. There isn’t any reason to question the story we are told and so most of us just adopt those beliefs. The re-awakening to the soul is an inner journey and not an outer one. The inner fulfillment is what we seek, although we’ve been conditioned to believe that the fulfillment we seek is in the outer world.

The poems are about remembering and returning to the soul in order to live from a place of authenticity, wholeness, and peace.

That is so beautifully poignant. Color me inspired! May you please get into your journey as a writer a bit?

I was talking to my sister on the phone one day and she said she couldn’t remember much from our childhood. When I got off the phone, I thought about what she said. I sat down and wrote some of my memories of us. I sent it to her. The next time I was on the phone with her she asked, “Where did you find that poem? It sounded exactly like our childhood.” I was confused, I’d forgotten about what I wrote, “What are you talking about?” I asked. She said the poem that sounds like our summers on the farm. “Oh that, I wrote it,” I responded. “It was really good,” she said. I told my husband the story when he got home that night. He said, “Why didn’t you let me read it?” I was surprised by his comment, “because I didn’t think it was anything to share.” He asked to read it and then told me it was really good.

I decided to play around with writing poems. They were initially about things I knew about, like family members, experiences, and challenging emotions. At some point, they began to change and they just flowed easily and completely in the matter of a few minutes and were about the spiritual journey.

The re-awakening to the soul is an inner journey and not an outer one.

That truly is amazing! What main themes make up your poetry book?

When I started to put the poems together for this book, I grouped them into these subjects: soul, nature, freedom, love and beauty, guides, spirit, home, and heaven on earth.

Sounds absolutely lovely. What poets influence you the most?

I only began reading poetry once I wrote it. I tend to gravitate toward the spiritual writers like Rumi and Hafiz.

Yes! Gotta love those mystic poets. I’m a fan of Rumi myself. What would you like people to get out of your book upon first reading it?

The spiritual journey can sometimes feel lonely because the culture and most of the things in it are on one track and we are kind of going in the opposite direction. It is helpful to feel like you have someone who understands where you are and what you are going through. I want people to feel inspired to continue on this journey, even when things feel difficult and they feel challenged. I want them to remember there are more of us out there and that someone cared enough to put this book together for them.

How heartfelt is that? It’s evident that your entire heart and soul goes into your work, and I really admire that. Would you like to add anything else?

The art in the book is mine as well.

That’s wonderful, Pamela! I love that you both wrote and illustrated this exquisite poetic creation. Thank you very much for sharing everything that you shared. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop sharing your inspirational worlds with the world!💜


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Lunar Lion 🌙🦁

You’re here to live passionately, fully.
Repeat after me: Compassion-lit me’s ready to soar.
Like the moon in Leo, I’m ready to roar!

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Starry Eternity (poem) 💫

Betwixt all the nothing and everything,
erupts galaxy’s worth of potential
long-brewing amongst a starry eternity
set to the backdrop of infinite blackness.

Messier 106 / NGC 4258 (Image credit: NASA).
Composite of IR (red), x-ray (blue), radio (purple) and visible light view.
We are the stars, we are the void.

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Astro Earthling 

First, I used a metallic pen to draw the contour of the face and shoulder along with the tribal tattoo. The hair and stars came after that. The tree limbs were accidental. The piece took on a life of its own at that point. 

I then did some minor editing on my phone. I used PicMonkey to alter it further. The non-dot stars are an overlay. I did not draw those.

And there you have it! 😀⭐️