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Snow People | Χιονάνθρωποι ☃ (poem | ποίημα)

We’re all snow-
floating & hoping to last forever
in current form but alas we must
return to ground to become
everything again.

Translation in Greek


Είμαστε νιφάδες-
στον αέρα
Πλέουμε και ελπίζουμε
να ζήσουμε για πάντα
έτσι όπως είμαστε
αλά πρέπει να γυρίσουμε
πίσω στην γη για να
ξαναγίνουμε χιόνι.

snowman animated GIF

➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2015

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Liquification of Snowflakes ❄ (poem)

You know how a snowflake melts

as soon as it lands on your cheek,
but when it was floating

in the ether freely, it was a beautiful
near-perfect design?

…You simply absorbed its beauty.

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➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2014

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Premature Winter ❅ (poem excerpt)

frozen flake melts into my bluster-teased hair;
hint of winter soul(st)ice is in the air!
brittle branches holding onto remaining leaves
tightly, not yet ready to shed their clothing in full.

snowflake animated GIF

➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2014