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Super Giant (prose poem)

My love for you equates to a sun a billion times bigger than the biggest sun in the observable universe. My heart may be a trillion times smaller than an atom in comparison, but its energy field reaches the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy—I swear. I’m well aware that you might feel like a nothing nobody amidst all these starry seas and spinning planets and cosmic debris. To me? I see a super giant that can out-gleam it all; can play basketball with any of the other celestial spheres. I don’t care that you appear to be 6 feet tall. Our skin contains only part of the story. The rest of the art is dispersed all around us—all within us. Both, infinitely as large. A lifetime’s not enough to discover it. That’s why I’m coming back again and again, and again…

Eva PoeteX © 2016

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Soul Level ♥ (prose poem)

The only reason I wish to undress you is because I’m a poet and I can’t help myself and there’s so much poetry underneath your shirt, ‘neath dermic layer, ‘neath rib bones. Alas undressing takes one only so far. At the soul level is the level I want to meet you at. I’ll let your poems come into me during mutual eye gazing, star gazing, our cores grazing as if we are an infinite astro-pasture of passion

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© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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The Voyager ⚛|Poem Excerpt|⛵

I’ve been a voyager of my endo-caverns
for two decades now and then some;

To know my insides is to know the outskirts
of this daily-deceiving skin
hardly-receiving the truth [it deserves]
for eye the third needs to be wide open first
to see the true-frequencies always-spoken
in form of coincidences, synchoncities, omens.


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High Mileage ஜ|Poem Excerpt|❤

Oh, the mileage I put on my
flesh vessel to find him–

Ne’er do I regret any steps
or poems that I wrote
or threw away
in the trashcans
of my mind
b’fore even birthing them.


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