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📖Interview with Bahar Almasi on her forthcoming poetry book📖


What has your creative journey been like?

I started in grade 3 writing what I considered as ‘poetry’, because I was obsessed with rhymes and meters. Since then, I have not ever stopped writing, reading, and educating myself about this form of art. So gradually, what originally started as a hobby turned into more of a calling.

I have published two books of poetry in the Persian language—both of which have been somewhat successful considering the times we live in (no one seems to read poetry anymore.).

My first collection, “Lady Gemini” was about me claiming authority over my poems after years of writing. This book reflects the evolution of my poetic style from 2010 to 2015. “Letters of Lead” on the other hand, was an artistic experiment with collaborative poetry and collaging famous poems with my own work, which I found highly educational and unequivocally gratifying.

The next step for me is to publish a selection of my poems in English.

What was your inspiration for In Other Words?

The reason I have decided to write and/or translate my Persian poetry into English is that although the majority of my imagery and motifs stem from the East, the subject matter of my poems is mostly inspired by life in the West. So, for my third collection, I intend to try the English language as a medium.

Only time will tell which one of the two languages is the more suitable medium.

What primary themes are covered in this collection?

I am somewhat of an activist. So, not surprisingly, most of my poems have an underlying social commentary. The specific subjects, however, depend on what is going on in the world. I have written about my take on feminism, war, education, child abuse, and even western and eastern cultural flaws.

Who/what are a few of your poetic muses?

I get inspired by underlying cultural myths and stories that shape people’s experience of the world. And I get inspired by sounds. To me, the way a poem sounds really impacts the reader’s take on the imagery.

Can you describe what your creating process is normally like?

I actually write my poems in one shot and edit them later, and then one last time just before publishing. But if I were to say where those lines in my poems come from, it’s a long process. I read and listen to the radio constantly. What this does, is that it not only gets me to think about things, but also creates a pool of interesting words simmering to be used. When the right time comes—usually when I’m alone or have had some privacy to hear the voices in my head—the words align themselves into a musical statement of my viewpoint about an issue. And that to me is like magic every time. This is why I love poetry so much!

How wonderful! Thank you very much for having this interview with me, Bahar! To anyone who is reading this: Bahar’s poetry book will be released this spring.

PicsArt_1462985524743_1Born in 1985, Bahar Almasi is an Iranian-Canadian poet, writer, and cultural activist. She made her début as a poet by publishing in Iranian youth magazines at the age of thirteen. An electrical engineer and a graduate of Knowledge, Media, Design by education, Bahar has continued to produce a wide array of works, ranging from poetry to short stories, plays, articles, translations, journalistic reports, and radio shows, published through Iranian and international outlets. She has also led and participated in various cultural events and campaigns in Toronto. Bahar Almasi has two books of poetry, Lady Gemini (2015, Canada), and Letters of Lead (2016, Iran).

Facebook: Bahar Almasi

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📖 INTERVIEW with Azer on His New Poetry Book 📖

Savage Fantasies and True Love: A small collection of poems by [Azer] Savage Fantasies and True Love is a small but amazing collection of poems by young and upcoming poet Azer. It’s an untamed and unpolished glimpse into his mind. Azer neither censors himself, nor does he try to hide any part of his persona. It’s something that can be felt in his writing. This collection includes primal emotions, plain boredom, and even cheesy love, all in the same collection. In a world where everything feels planned and packaged, Savage Fantasies and True Love has that unpolished feel to it that really let’s you connect with the writer. Even if you’re not well-read in poetry, you can really appreciate the simplicity in Azer’s work.

Okay, to kick this interview off, I’d like to ask: What was the main inspiration for your poetry book?

The world around me and my most inner thoughts.

Both the inner and outer worlds are full of infinite wonder, so that makes perfect sense. Can you tell me a little bit about your poetic journey?

My writing journey started a few years back, when I started writing small booklets on non-fictional subjects. Since then I’ve written tons of material, in all kinds of different shapes and genres. Today, I work as a copywriter, and I believe it’s a growing feeling of distance from the unreal and dishonest nature of my current work that has pushed me to express myself through poems, as well as short stories lately.

That’s awesome! Care to share some of the themes featured in this collection?

This little book, as the title hints, has two major themes. One is an exploration of the simple, savage being inside me. The other one is my exploration of joyful emotions and love. Both of these themes presents me with an opportunity to dig up thoughts and emotions that otherwise are awkward to express. At first, I tried to find a more primal voice inside me, but as I searched, I found that there was another voice that hadn’t had a chance to speak for a while. It was the kind of cheesy and uncool emotions of joy and love, that one truly has to be in love to hear. For some reason these feelings embarrassed me; they seemed so lame in some way, which is exactly why I decided to include it. I realized that it was in a way the most real voice that I could find inside me, and that by expressing it, the book felt ever so much genuine to me.

That being said, what are some of your muses?

For most of my work, it’s simplicity as well as the people and the world around me. However, the poems are mainly inspired by myself. I try to listen to what’s inside, but I also try to let my mind wander in many different directions to see what I can find.

Writing really is an act of self-discovery. It can also be highly meditative. What’s your creation process like?

Half of what I write just comes to me, and I quickly write it down on a piece of paper or on my phone. The other half of what I write is when I have time to sit down and think. I try not to edit myself unless absolutely necessary. Even if the result is bad, I prefer it to be genuine. If I’m really unhappy with something I wrote, I simply won’t publish it.

Authenticity certainly is paramount, especially when it comes to creating. So, is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap things up here?

To anyone reading my work: Don’t just read, write! It doesn’t have to be great, or even good, as long as it’s you. Then no matter what happens, you’ll always have at least one fan of your work.

Thank you so much for having this interview and for the last tidbit of wisdom. I’m sure the community will really appreciate it. And in case anyone missed it in the intro, Azer’s poetry book is now available on Amazon in Kindle format for only 99 cents. Go here:

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INTERVIEW with A.J. King on Her NEW Poetry Book!

^Click on image to purchase!

The human eye can see everything around us. But what about our inner self – the one saddled with fears and desires, doubts and dreams? Are these emotions destined to be locked away in our hearts and our minds? In Monochrome Fervour, A J King shines a light on our universal experiences – unrequited love, the ebb and flow of past memories, and the undying power of hope and triumph.

These 38 poems illustrate the human condition in all of its unvarnished complexity. Every emotional high and low, every shattered dream and vanquished nightmare, every undelivered blessing and eradicated burden are all distilled into A J Kings powerful words. Through vivid imagery informed by her unique experiences, Monochrome Fervour explores the contours and nuances of the human experience in a way that few others can.

Okay, let’s get started here. What put you on the path of writing?

I started writing poetry out of the blue, after I read a book of poetry called ‘With Love’ by the British actor Richard Beckinsale (father of actress Kate Beckinsale), which was published after his death. His words really resonated with me, and inspired me to express my feelings in verse. I had previously struggled to say how I felt and I found this an almost cathartic process.

Sometimes one book can change everything! Care to share a few of your poetic muses?

Poets whose work I have enjoyed: Siegfried Sassoon, WH Auden, and Emily Dickinson. Although I don’t think we recognise song lyrics enough for their poetic content, I constantly quote song lyrics.

And how about the inspiration for Monochrome Fervour in particular?

I decided to put some of the poems in a book (this book) whilst I was writing the second book of the Trilogy The Power Vested in Me, in which I state that this book has been written by one of the characters. Possibly in some sort of twisted way I subconsciously think if people hate the poems, I can blame them on the character. I’m hiding behind him I suppose. I’m releasing the poems before book 2, so we’ll see how that goes.

That is certainly an interesting approach! What are some of the themes you chose to focus on while writing this?

The poems are about love, life, hope, despair, rejection. Some have been written in my very darkest hours and others are my observations on life and people through personal experiences. When I read them, they are almost like a diary, bringing back specific times in my life.

These are all great themes that also happen to be highly universal. What’s your writing process typically like?

When I write my novels I am very disciplined, having noted down ideas, researched them, and set aside time to put them onto paper. The poems are different, being very much of the moment, born of a happening or a thought or an emotion.


I noticed a little scorpion on the cover. I’m sure there’s a symbolic reason for this.

Yes. Because I am a Scorpio, the character in the book is a Scorpio and it’s called monochrome because we (Scorpio’s) are very black and white.

I love it when covers contain a “poem” in and of themselves! Anyway, we’ve reached the end of this interview. Thank you so much for speaking to me about your lovely collection of poetry!


Monochrome Fervour is now available on Amazon.
Click here!

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★ INTERVIEW with Poet Jamell Crouthers ★

The World We Live In: A Poetry Book On Societal Issues by Poet Jamell Crouthers focuses on fictional characters that chronicle life experiences that they’ve dealt with through poetry. Each person discusses an experience that has changed and impacted them in ways they never thought of. These people only have names. Race or ethnicity is not discussed because the goal is to feel, understand and relate to their experiences.

Available on Amazon! Click image to purchase.


“Societal Issues” is in the subtitle, so I can certainly tell that influenced your writing quite a bit. But what would say initially inspired you to write this poetry book?

My inspiration for this book is there are so many issues in the world that don’t get discussed openly. We all experience things differently but they need to be discussed more.

I couldn’t agree more with you! This collection stands out to me already, but what’s another element that makes it stand out?

My writing is different than others. It’s not the traditional reading of a book. I wrote in poetry format because it’s an easier read and I feel you get a different experience reading it in poetry format.

Interesting. Poetry does tend to appeal to the emotions differently than prose. What are some of the main topics that are showcased in the book?

My prevalent themes in my book are domestic violence, drug abuse, gambling addiction, depression, rape and many others.

Those are all very important matters to bring to the forefront. It may not be easy to read or even write about, but I’m glad there are poets out there who bring other people’s awareness to such things. That being said, how do you typically go about writing?

My writing process is a lot of brainstorming, writing down ideas in a blue book with different colored pens. I think about a lot before I write and then when I sit down to write, I listen to relaxing electronic music and let the words flow without having any writer’s block. I’m productive in the afternoons and at night mostly. Once I get a zone, I can write for a good 2-3 hours straight.

I can definitely relate! Especially the part about writing mostly at night. Before I conclude this interview, would you like to share some final thoughts?

I would like to thank GOD for blessing me with the gift and ability to write and story tell. I have to thank my parents for all of their support and listening to all of my crazy ideas and process with my writing. To all of my close friends who are there to give me ideas, I thank you. I want to thank the readers who have supported me. I have many more books coming in the future!

And thank you for talking about your recent poetry book with me, Jamell! It was a pleasure learning more about it and you as a writer.


Again, Jamell’s book is now
available on Amazon. Click here!


Official Website




Author Profile Page

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INTERVIEW with James Moxley about his recent book!

James Moxley is a thoughtful poet inspired by life’s countless beauties—all-things love in particular. The Young Lover with a Destiny is a book of  emotive poems about a young man on an exciting yet challenging journey to find love and chase after his dreams.


What was your primary inspiration for The Young Lover with a Destiny?

My own life and the way I look at the world.

Tell me about your writing journey.

It took me six years to have the courage to follow through the process of getting my book self-published.

What are some themes in your poetry book?

Love and dreams are the main themes in the book.

Who are some of your poetic influences?

Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.

What is your writing process typically like?

I usually write when I am mad and happy. Also, ideas pop in my head at random sometimes and I write them down.


  • Grab your copy of The Young Lover with a Destiny on Amazon!
    The paperback AND eBook versions are both available.