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Interview: “Seamlessly Together” by Demark Manigo

“Seamlessly Together” takes the reader on a personal voyage to unconditional love. Through spiritual allusions and heartfelt diction, Demark Manigo awakens the reader to a vibrant realm of infinite possibilities and the mystical forces that entwine us all. Page by page, the reader’s sixth sense will be jolted wide awake as they connect with the poet, themselves, and God himself at a soul-level. These poetic snippets of cosmic love and compassion go beyond what one may expect out of a standard love poem. Instead, each masterfully crafted piece serves as a portal to a vibrant dimension of being.

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Good afternoon, Demark! I’m excited to be speaking with you today. What inspired the creation of this beautiful collection of poetry?

I had been experiencing a series of life changing events that really required me to spend a lot of time alone reflecting and planning. One night I was just sitting in my car and I felt the urge to write about the things that were taking place within me. I grabbed a pen and paper and the words started coming out. After I wrote a couple poems, I felt led to share them. It was helping me sort through everything I was facing.

Poetry is quite therapeutic, and by sharing it, we help other as well. Who and/or what got you into poetry?

I would say that it was my childhood education that got me into poetry. The first time I heard a poem recited in class really ignited what was already there inside me.

After that, it was a lifelong partner. I found poetry in practically everything literature-wise. The Bible has amazing poetry in it. It helped connect me to my spirit. Shakespeare got me into my intellectual side. Edgar Allan Poe exposed my darkness and the inner emotions. William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience” were everything about what’s in my heart.

Oooh, in high school our chorus sang a choral arrangement of John Tavener’s “The Lamb.” The purity of the words just washes over me.

So many notable influences. I love it! What themes do you touch on in your book?

I touch on a few themes. The first is definitely intimacy that goes deeper than superficial interpretations of it. Then there’s forgiveness, especially after being bitter. Letting go of the attachments to triggers are touched on as well. Accountability is also touched on. Of course, love is the overarching theme of all.

That sounds absolutely wonderful. What poets influenced this creation?

Honestly, this work didn’t have a direct influence from any poet. I guess you could say the poets from my childhood: Poe, Blake, Shakespeare. I even include the poets of the Bible such as David, Solomon, Asaph, Isaiah, and the other Bible writers.

Do you have any more poetic projects on the horizon?

Yes, I do. I truly want to take this work as far as my creative mind can go first. I want it to be heard, seen, felt in different modalities like an audiobook, an album, a visual album, practically anything that the creative world can help anyone get that much closer to receiving the messages. I’m also working on another book as well.

Excellent. I wish you the best of luck. Any final thoughts?

I’m just grateful to be able to share what’s in my heart to others.

And I’m grateful you took some time out of your day to have this chat with me. Thank you! 😊🙏

Contact Info:

IG: Demarkballet

Facebook: Demark Manigo

Tumblr: Demarkmanigowrites

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📖INTERVIEW: “Inspire Me: Raw” by Sonia Iris Lozada🖤

Inspire Me: Raw is a collection of spirited poems from actor, writer and poet Sonia Iris Lozada that is beautiful and inspiring. Using her knowledge of events that shaped her life she shows others how having courage and faith can motivate them to move on with their lives, avoiding the negativity that often keeps us bound to the same place.

Good afternoon, Sonia! Will you tell me a bit about Inspire Me: Raw and what inspired you to write it?

In INSPIRE ME: RAW, I write about change and how it affects life and yet it allows for new opportunities to arise. I enjoy minor changes but being thrust into the unexplored psyche after surgery; the history I knew of myself—dissipated. Losing my autonomy for two months is challenging but the spiritual awakening ensuing it, altered those perceptions. The benefit from this event? I once again encountered my passion for poetry which I’ve written since childhood.

Wow. That’s powerful. When did writing first become your passion?

Since I was a child, I wrote poetry and would just put it away for no one else to read. I felt it was too personal, and it was intimidating to feel so vulnerable. Feeling shame by some experiences and even contemplated using a pen name but decided to be out there RAW for others to see and maybe help them not feel alone.

I can definitely understand that. I’m glad you’re sharing your work now, though. In your book, what would you say is your central message?

The message of this collection and my soon-to-be-released collection INSPIRE ME: RAW 2 is about change and acceptance, its setbacks and humor. The experiences that cause one to surrender to the past and move on with our lives.

Sounds empowering to me! As a poetess, what influences you the most creatively?

My influences are:
1. Nature, I just love nature because of its calmness and presence.
2. People. I’m fascinated by the world, beliefs, culture and human behavior.
3. Children & Animals. Their innocence and how they should always be protected.

[T]his collection […] is about change and acceptance, its setbacks and humor. The experiences that cause one to surrender to the past and move on with our lives.

That’s wonderful! Now I’m interested to know about your writing process.

I usually get inspired by dreams, science, and events I read about. I see the entire story of the poem. I write without editing, just getting the emotion on paper then I put it away for a couple of days. When I return to the poem, I’ll do any research and editing. I re-edit several times. For instance, I had a dream about a journey through different lives and I had to research one stanza of the poem “I Follow” (a long poem to be released as its own book) which showed a life in 300 BC. The first stanza showed the continent and the clothing of the period. I had to research when it occurred in history.

That sounds very thorough. So, I’m curious… I noticed you’ve resided in both Chicago and Los Angeles. How did living in Chicago and The City of Angels influence you?

As a Puerto Rican actor, writer and poet living a bicultural life in an urban city like Chicago then Los Angeles I’ve learned and experienced the richness and multicultural influences of these cities. It fascinates me to see people from all over the world and experience their food, dance, beliefs, and customs.

Diversity really is beautiful. I’m glad those areas enriched you as both a person and creative mind. Do you have any final thoughts?

I love hearing from readers and respond when I’m reached on my Facebook page  and YouTube channel (Subscribe and comment!).

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SL_167Gimp_TU_web_Konerko.jpgFrom alternative punk recording to mainstream television and movies, Sonia Lozada has always been at the heart of contemporary creative work. The founder and publisher of LOZT Magazine in the 80’s, and a performer in bands, she became an actor on both stage and film. Her other passions include design, decoration, and spiritual development. She’s been writing poetry since she learned how to write, and INSPIRE ME: RAW is her first published collection; she hopes these poems can help others experience that they are not alone.

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📖INTERVIEW: “Phoenix’s Journey Of Poetry Part II” by Lamecca Butler

In the poet’s own words: “A collection of Poetry! I share my life experiences through my poetry. The collection of poetry is a journey that I have been writing over the years. Love, relationships, sex, and everyday problems that go on in the average black woman’s life. My story is just put in poetry form.”

Good morning, Lamecca! I’m grateful to be speaking with you on this wonderful day. Thanks for being here. What inspired the creation of your book?

My inspiration for this book was the fact that I self-published my first poetry while homeless. I wanted to keep the momentum going.

That’s amazing. I can’t imagine the hardship you must have faced, so the fact that you pushed forward regardless is proof of your personal power and the power of poetry to guide you out of difficult times. When did your love of writing come about?

I began writing as a little girl. It was my best form of expression.

Poetry is definitely a great tool to authentically express oneself. What is the central message you’re attempting to put into the world through this collection of poems?

My message that I’m striving to convey is that I have been through more than most can fathom, so if I can do it, anyone can do it.

How empowering! I admire your can-do attitude. So, what gets your creative juices flowing when sitting down to write?

I literally base my poetry off of emotion. I write from my personal experience or the emphatic view from afar.

I have been through more than most can fathom, so if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Emotion (any emotion, really) and experience (both good and bad) are the muses of all muses. Thank you again for taking some time out of your day to have this lovely chat. 💛


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📖Interview with Heath R Thompson about his debut poetry book📖

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Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Taoist tradition and wandering the rugged, majestic landscape of alpine mountains, Thompson creates a wonderful sense of place through a deeply sensitive spiritual voice that celebrates simplicity, gentleness and the natural grace inherent within us all; that of the Sage. His poems touch on a range of human experiences; of joy, sadness, love, enlightenment and delusion. Through the lens of modern day living he helps us to recognise an undisturbed Presence whose quiet light draws no attention to itself but is always available to us. His words speak of a deeper understanding, of Self-Realisation, whose poems are reminiscent of the voice of ancient Taoist and Zen Masters, who inspired us to enquire within at the Truth of what we are. His voice though is a gentle one: Sit with me under this sweet-chestnut tree in its wild silence no one has to say a thing. The reader may also be delighted to discover the unassuming artwork of Laura Demelza Bosma, whose drawings bring a warmth and sensitivity as they work in harmony with the poems here.

Related image

Hello Heath! I’m thrilled to be chatting with you about your debut book, Taoist Poetry: The Path That Weaves Through Clouds. What instigated its creation?

I had been interested in Taoism (which is a little like a Chinese version of Zen and refers to the Way of Nature) for around 25 years at the time the book was published (2016). I had a spiritual epiphany in 2009 which turned my life upside down really – I realised there was no-self, that what looks out from within, is the same as what is before me – all is One. I write about the flow of life in nature, about the deeper teachings of Taoism, & simple living. I hope that he poems help people to relax, to return to a simple way of living & to deepen their spiritual practice

This makes the mystic poet in me smile. Tell me a bit more about the book itself: the art, what you’re trying to convey…

The art is done by my partner Laura and is described in the intro. There are poems that I try to paint colours with words, some that are simple & some that are very Zen-like.

Did you say “Zen-like”? 🙂 This is primarily a mystical poetry blog, so your book is certainly a perfect fit. In addition to Zenness (I’m well aware this isn’t a word, but it is now :P), what other themes does this collection touch on?

Simplicity / Aimlessness / Enlightenment / Awakening / Nature / Wildness / Love / Sorrow / Sex / Materialism / Nature / Flow / Immortality / The Truth

That’s a powerhouse of profound themes right there! As a Tao-inspired poet, who are your writing muses?

The old Chinese Taoist & Zen poets but also contemporary writers such as Mary Oliver, Medbh McGuckian, Pablo Neruda, Paul Eluard, as well as artists such as Marc Chagall & Odilon Redon.

What wonderful influences for your work! The creative writing process varies amongst us writers, but there is also an underlying similarity or two. What’s a day in your shoes like when you’re crafting a poetic outpouring?

The poems come to me fully formed in a flash. I make very few edits. 90% will have had no editing. There are over 200 in the book – it is my first collection. If I do not write them down in that flash of inspiration then I lose them.

That makes perfect sense. It is no surprise to me that your unique process is very mindful. So, any concluding thoughts?

Only that while the subject matter is Taoism, it really is about connecting to our deep Primal Self to learn to feel the Flow, and to see the world with fresh eyes.

This is no doubt a profound read! I very much appreciate the time you took out of your day to have this interview. It was highly insightful and please keep on writing! The world could always use a little more zen energies in it.


Official Website: (it’s temporary down due to an upcoming host change)


A Taoist/Zen poetry mag called Cloudwanderer that Heath is the Founding Editor of:

Image result for taoist symbol



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Oh, and Happy Halloween, my beautiful friends!


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📖 INTERVIEW with Ashley Perkins about her new poetry book “Naked Soul.” 📖

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“Naked Soul” takes the reader on an uplifting spiritual journey through life’s countless lows and highs. These literary tidbits of self-discovery in poetry form reveal a soul-stirring narrative that will jolt inspiration within many hearts. Through Ashley Perkins’ articulate use of alliterative lines, striking stanzas, flowing rhymes, and unique metaphors, this ultimate awakening gains momentum poem by poem. Both intuitive and equally as expressive, poet Ashley Perkins invites you to lose the notion of what doesn’t make your heart sing, so you can discover the driving force of reality: authenticity, passion, and unconditional love for others and the self. By the end of this heart-felt collection of exquisitely-crafted poems, you will be transformed in ways you may have not initially expected. Whether you have struggled with low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts, or simply not feeling good enough, “Naked Soul” will serve as the golden light at the end of that winding dark tunnel. Find out what she learned through her faith in God and her own personal experiences and let these poems resonate with you.

Hello Ashley! I’m excited to be talking with you about your new book today. “Naked Soul” is definitely a beautiful poetry book. I’m sure a lot of inspiration went into its making. What inspired this poetic creation the most?

Finding myself in the deep pits of depression and finding healing in expressing myself through writing. I also found healing through reflecting back on my past and leaning on my faith in God to get me through. I grew passionate to encourage others to know that there is hope and that life gets better.

That is extremely empowering. Poetry really is a wonderful healer. As a fellow word weaver, how did your creative journey begin and how did it flourish?

I started off with the ambitious goal to simply write a book full of poems not really knowing what I was going to write about. My 4-6 poems grew more and more each month. The journey started off really passionate. It got tough along the ways, but I kept pressing on because of the people I was writing for. I knew that they desperately needed to hear what God inspired me to say, so I could not give up.

Amongst the many themes featured in this collection, what would you say are the most prominent ones?

Transparency, low self esteem/ depression/ suicide/ lack of purpose, and hope in Christ.

You talked about what inspired “Naked Soul,” but what inspires your soul?

Nature… walks in the park, oxymorons, prayer, music, and relaxation.

Ha! I love that you included oxymorons in that list. Okay, so we chatted about inspiration, themes, poetic journeys… There’s a ton more we could cover, but I’m especially curious about your creative process…

My creative process is usually is spontaneous. I get inspired by music, nature, and all kinds of things. I am most creative when I am not trying to be. Once I get an idea in my mind, I write down everything that I am inspired to say. I don’t worry about any grammar or spelling errors at that moment. I just let the words flow out of me. I speak with honesty and try to let my personality show.

That sounds perfect! It really is all about harnessing that natural creative flow. Forcing it hardly ever works. So, is there anything else you’d like to add before we part ways?

If this book touches one soul and inspires them, my writing was not in vain.

Oh, I’m know it has and will continue to inspire MANY. Thank you so much for having this interview with me. It was such a joy talking to you! 😀


Ashley Perkins is a passionate author, songwriter, playwright, and advocate of positive change who calls Amarillo, Texas home.

To date, she has written five plays and one short skit for church. Also, she enjoys writing songs. Ashley is motivated to uplift Jesus Christ and inspire others in her creative works. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship.

When she isn’t crafting plays, lyrics, or poems, Ashley enjoys sewing and journaling. She is also an avid bookworm. She resides in Amarillo, Texas with her husband, Tradon, and their pitbull , Faith.

Ashley’s Amazon Page:

BOOK_COVER_5.png***Now Available on Amazon and Createspace!***