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What Not Complaning for 22 Days Does To You

Was I completely complain-free the entire time? Certainly not (but trust me, I truly gave it my all), which makes my blog post title a bit misleading, I know. However, throughout this short span of time, I became more conscious of my thoughtsโ€”especially the negative ones. I made a few discoveriesโ€”the most notable one being: Complaining can actually be addicting. Once you make one negative statement, it’s easyย  to continue digging that hole and dwelling in itโ€”eventually getting lost in it completely. Before you know it, the sunlight won’t be able to peer in to remind you that there is a light aspect to life. Nothing is ever 100% darkness.

Also, it’s easy to connect with others via talking about woes, day-to-day mishaps, and my all-time favorite thing to complain about… The weather. Something I have NO control over! It’s a bit humorous how the human mind manages to do that.

In general, lessening the frequency of making complaints, allows more room for gratitude and appreciation to seep into your heart and flourish. That’s only the first step, though. You eventually want to vanquish such an nonconstructive thing from your life once and for all.

This is what I’ll leave you with: Focusing on not complaining isn’t the answer to being happier… Simply focus on being a more grateful, compassionate, and humble person… Rest assured that everything will fall into place from there.

PS: Fellow Positivity Seekers…
An inspirational movie I highly recommend:
Hector and the Search for Happiness. (It’s on Netflix.) ๐Ÿ™‚