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WΣ ♡ (Concrete Poem + Happy August!)

Let’s lovingly lunge
(( into each other— ))
<< expand >>contract<< expand  >>
the lungs with deep belly-breaths.
Let’s plunge deeper
(( into our inner cosmic seas, ))
Realize there`s no
[need for]
\\ |s|e|p|a|r|a|t|e| You, //
\\ |d|i|v|i|d|e|d| Me— //



© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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Quasi-Universe ✯ (poem)

destined to be:
half black holes,
a quarter stardust,
another quarter flesh.

We’re more than quasi-
universes within ever-
eroding skin.

Those comets—we’re more like them—
that asteroid belt.
Venus’s toxic clouds—sometimes we are—
as bone-chilling as pluto.
Sun-vibrant—we are often—
pleiadian luminosity.

Our inner blackholes
eat our finite selves whole—one day—
it’ll happen to the earth too,
so we can be left with those stardust souls, & return
to that galactic abode most have simply forgotten…

is Home.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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A Poem Not Written By Me, Rather, A Poem Written By All

a collective word-art with infinite heart;
We are all the authors of all that we create,


Power of Words

*Life is much like a poem… its end is a mere illusion.

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More Than Human – ✮ Visual Poem (excerpt)✮

More Than Human Visual