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Livewire (poem) ✨💖

Brightspark, you plunged head-first into my chest cavity
and poured starshine into my heart-craters long-frozen-over,
turning stagnant nebula to newly-birthed sun.

the typhoons
you must’ve traveled through,

the volcanic debris
that must’ve caked your Uranian eyes,

the acidic blood
that must’ve charred your soles,

the veins
that must’ve tangled and constricted your torso
like starving boas.

And here you are, Brightspark,
burning brighter than ever before.

How brave you are.

But you tell me I’m even braver
for opening my chamber’s door once more.

Now, I take on this torch and rekindled bravery—
And this eternal light you’ve given me,
I’ll continually pour forth forevermore.

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Plutonic Love (poem)

On some days, our love
is so icicle-esque
that it’s plutonic.

On other days, the tectonic plates
of our foundation shift,
causing a rift
between us
bigger than
san andreas fault.

And then there are those days
when we gaze into each other’s
soul-windows with unwavering
platonic love, teetering along
the edge of supernova passion.

But the days that I live for
are the subatomic moments
that make you and I
a We stronger than an exoplanet
made of pure diamond.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX


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Seismic Agapē ❤ (poem)

you are Cosmic agape,
releasing all your stars
into my now-vibrant eyes.

you are seismic wave
of sensuality calmly crashing
into me & awakening
the parts of me
that have been asleep
for so long that I have
forgotten them.

you are night sky,
and I, the crescent moon
rotated 90 degrees—a
golden boat sailing ‘cross
your ceaseless celestial sea.

* Agapē | Origin: Early 17th Century | from Greek: ‘selfless love.’

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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Summer Heart ☼ (poem) ♡

In winter’s heart,
I somehow am melting glacier,
dripping icicle,
a cheek-absorbed snowflake.

My summer-heart,
the way it thud-thud-thuds
as if it just ran its very first
marathon in Athens.

It’s not that Love and Winter
can’t co-exist, no…
It’s that one is Sun and the other,
Pluto. And icecubes have no
choice but to succumb to the heat,
the super-nova passion.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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Soul Dancing ♥ (poem)

My eyes love soul-dancing
with the golden light your bare body emits,
No artificial lights needed,
Your luminosity supersedes,
For your inner city never sleeps.

This dusk, we are binary lotus flowers
twisting at the stemscreating
an astral spiral staircase.

And as Ego falls away like locust’s
brittle skin, we ascend up
the kundalini steps
as two starry souls—converging
as soon as we reach galactic
edgebecoming one hyper-nova.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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