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Sail Away, Sorrow! (poem)

Oh, how I wish
I could
one-hundred percent water so you could throw
your sorrows into me and they could drown.

Oh, how I ache
to place
your aches
on a sailboat
& let  them go
until they get eaten
by the horizon.

But some pains—
they need to be felt
deeper than a blackhole.

I’ll be there on the other end, my friend,
I’ll be here along the way

& if it’s a helping hand you need, I will lend
& if the breaking hurts too much, I will mend.

There will come a moment in time when breaking
will cease, you will bend in the strong winds
like a bamboo forest.

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© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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I just wanted to say… ♥

You are infinitely

Beautiful Magnificent Strong Courageous Lovely

& you have infinite potential!

So go out there and live your beautiful life,
you magnificent human being, you.
Your beauty’s contagious, you know? 🙂

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To Morrow! To Sorrow! ∞ (poem)

golden omens & tokens
stolen by yester-moments—
dwelling in this hell-thing
called Past, alas all life
withers, withers fastest
when the last thought
thought about is ‘morrow
& sorrows that have long set.
When you die, don’t die
in regret. Be reborn
as the astral egret & fly
across sky, leave gold
trails behind.

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Happy December, everyone! ☃

➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2014

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Golden Ancient Stardust Girl ✯ (poem excerpt)

i know my faults,
and i love them all;
fill them with liquid gold;
i’m of 85% gold made,
the rest, ancient star dust.

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➤ by Eva PoeteX ⓒ 2014

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✐Power of Story✍

“I do believe in the power of story. I believe
that stories have an important role to play
in the formation of human beings,
that they can stimulate, amaze and
inspire their listeners.”
― Hayao Miyazaki


Exploring the pages with our very own two eyes. Stories of heroes and villains and those who have fallen behind. Kings and queens both virtuous and vile. Magus and dragons, the fantastical, the wild! Stories are for adult and child alike. Books let us be more than who we are in real-life, let us live in worlds beyond space and time. Little-knowing that we are like books and what’s contained in them too, except our pages are as infinite as the great sky blue. Our stories live on even after our lives are “through.”


© 2014 – Eva PoeteX