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White Flames (senryu)

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Warm Welcome (haiku)

Enter my haiku,
Make room b`neath those rib bones,
House it by your heart.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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HAPPY 2016! :)

Happy New Year, friends!
May sunshine flood all your souls,
even on gray days.

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The Autumn Parade 🍁 (haiku poem)

The zephyr greets us,
Autumn hues parade the sky,
Cat eyes dart up, down.

© 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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Fantasy and Poetry + Autumn Haiku

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time rigorously working on my upcoming novel, so I’ve had little-to-no time to write poetry. However, there’s something so poetic about the fantasy genre itself, that I don’t feel like I’ve actually taken a break.

Now that I’ve been running a second blog, I may not be on here as often, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about any of you. I will try my very best to still visit your blogs and immerse myself in your beautiful poetry, stories, art, photos, and everything in between.

You’ve all been so supportive of my writing and artworka lot of you since the birth of this blog back in 2012 (or was it 2011? I forget), and I couldn’t be any more grateful. As creators of various thingsbe it paintings, haiku, or catchy tunes, we all need to stick together and encourage one another. Speaking of haiku, here’s one:

Look up at the trees,
King Midas touched a few leaves,
Autumn’s approaching.


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