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What Not Complaning for 22 Days Does To You

Was I completely complain-free the entire time? Certainly not (but trust me, I truly gave it my all), which makes my blog post title a bit misleading, I know. However, throughout this short span of time, I became more conscious of my thoughtsespecially the negative ones. I made a few discoveriesthe most notable one being: Complaining can actually be addicting. Once you make one negative statement, it’s easy  to continue digging that hole and dwelling in iteventually getting lost in it completely. Before you know it, the sunlight won’t be able to peer in to remind you that there is a light aspect to life. Nothing is ever 100% darkness.

Also, it’s easy to connect with others via talking about woes, day-to-day mishaps, and my all-time favorite thing to complain about… The weather. Something I have NO control over! It’s a bit humorous how the human mind manages to do that.

In general, lessening the frequency of making complaints, allows more room for gratitude and appreciation to seep into your heart and flourish. That’s only the first step, though. You eventually want to vanquish such an nonconstructive thing from your life once and for all.

This is what I’ll leave you with: Focusing on not complaining isn’t the answer to being happier… Simply focus on being a more grateful, compassionate, and humble person… Rest assured that everything will fall into place from there.

PS: Fellow Positivity Seekers…
An inspirational movie I highly recommend:
Hector and the Search for Happiness. (It’s on Netflix.) 🙂

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∞Pilamaya (Lakota for “Thank You”) – poem

Some people, you meet
in summer’s prime then they leave
by first snow. Some spend
three seasons–maybe all four
b`fore they flee. The ones who
stay for seasons upon seasons–
’til hairs atop head silver
completely & there were
hundreds of reasons for them
to go but stayed. I’d like to say
Pilamaya! Pilamaya to the latter,
to all! All added stars to my night-
sky, so-much-so that it looks like daylight.


2014 – Eva PoeteX

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☮Be Peace!☮

Be Peace… it’s easier said than done, I know. But with peace comes better health on all levels. When something petty comes up, it’s easy to lose that inner peace. We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re almost late to work and all of the traffic lights seem to be red. You’re about to be next in line and realize you’ve forgotten your wallet… A wide array of challenges come along (usually during the most expected times) in people’s lives. That does not mean you cannot live in peace. So the next time something undesirable comes up, take a deep breath (preferably a few), visualize something pleasant like a lotus flower being illuminated by the summer solstice sunlight, turn to gratitude… rather than the attitude of pessimism, doubt, self-pity. Now, what about those bigger life issues? With poor health, losing a loved one, etc… Surely one cannot feel peaceful during such times and that’s perfectly fine! Let out the pain rather than bottling it up. It will take time, but your inner peace is there waiting because you’ve been Peace (& Love) all along.  And it only becomes stronger with each hardship. You see, as much as we’d rather not deal with anything negative in our lives, it can be a teacher if we let it.


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Thank You! :)

The support I have received on this blog has been truly overwhelming! After posting daily for so long, I have decided to shift my focus and take a long break (possibly a permanent one) from posting poetry online. Truth be told, I’ve been so wrapped up in  “likes” and “comments” and “followers” that I’ve lost sight of why I’m doing this whole thing in the first place. Is it really to merely inspire others or is it to also feed some kind of persona (The Ego)? I am not just a mystical poet or even an artist. I am so much more than that… I just Am. I’ve realized Being me is better than Having all these titles. It is time for me to focus on being humble.

One of my goals is to get a book of my spiritual poetry published someday, so I have set most of my writings to private.

Thank you so much to those of you who have read my work, encouraged me, and inspired me. You all mean a lot to me. ❤ If you wish to keep in touch, feel free to contact me here: I’m still keeping this site up because I’d like to keep on reading your blogs and comment when I can. 🙂

Take care!