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Zen Poetry!

A few weeks ago, I started an Instagram feed that features zen poetry and musings I’ve personally penned. I also post kanji calligraphy and create compositions that go along with each piece.  I’ve always considered myself to be a mystic poet more or less, but I really find myself resonating with Zen Buddhism more than I used to. You can read my work here.


Here’s a little sneak peek:


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A Series of Senryū Poems (on Buddhism & Enℓightenment)

Having a bad day?
Emuℓate Bodhisattva;
Bring out the Buddha!


Be not barrier,
Be carrier of the ℓight!
Iℓℓume pℓanet earth.


One important thing:
The present moment — right Now!
Yester? Morrow? No!


Say “bye”  to yester!
Dweℓℓ in Present with whoℓe heart;
Good karma foℓℓows.


Om” your way through ℓife,
Roam through this ℓife aimℓessℓy?
Entire ℓife… wasted.


“Ugh, same oℓd stuff?” “No!”
Everything, treat as brand new;
Embrace aℓℓ the hues!

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