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📖INTERVIEW: “Our Awakening” by Sanja Ignjatic📖

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Our Awakening takes each reader on a transformative quest through an array of vital life lessons. These snippets of inner and outer discovery in rhyming verse showcases a powerhouse of wisdom that jolts the depth of one’s soul wide awake. Through Sanja’s meticulous use of alliterative diction, flowing stanzas, and enchanting metaphors, this awakening of the sixth sense accumulates momentum poem by poem. Both thought-provoking and equally as eloquent, poet Sanja Ignjatic invites you to lose the notion of all things trivial, so you can reveal the gems of compassion, empathy, awareness, and boundless love.

Good afternoon, Sanja! I’ve had the pleasure of editing your beautiful, spirit-lifting book, “Our Awakening,” and now I have the pleasure of interviewing you about it, granting others the opportunity to peer into your world a bit. The title itself is highly spiritual, so I do feel inspiration definitely stems from there. But what else inspired you?

For a long time, I’ve had the will to share and express my thoughts about some topics that are important for all of us. The main source of inspiration for expressing myself and for this book is beautiful Mother Nature and spending time in the great outdoors. In changing my surroundings for a while and communing with nature, I felt like I was born again. Some new channels were opened and I felt like I was truly awake.

After coming home, I read “The Celestine Prophecy” a second time. During my first read, this amazing book changed my life. And it changed my life even more the second time around. It made me do what I feel I have to do; what I feel is my life path. Poem by poem, and story by story, I started to write, expressing my soul in a way that made me truly happy and fulfilled. In the end, I finished my debut poetry book “Our Awakening,” with nine poems that are written in rhyming verses and hold important messages within them.

Mother Nature really is a major inspiration for a lot of creative minds (mine included). I’m glad you got so much out of being surrounded by Gaia’s energy, but I’m in no way surprised. Also, in reading other books, we definitely become inspired to write our own. So, we all have unique journeys as poets, and I’d like to know what your creative journey has been like so far.

Well, my writing journey hasn’t been a very long one yet. I hold a Master’s degree in Geology and after I graduated, I worked for a few years in my profession. It was really interesting work but something inside me wasn’t completely satisfied. I wanted to do something else.

Now I see that, in a way, my soul was starting to awaken. So I changed my work to something completely different. I started to design products and various publications that focus on topics like culture and historical heritage and the importance of nature, ecology, and animal care.

And then two years ago, I started to write my first book. Initially, I wrote this book in my native language, Croatian. I then made an English version of the book, “Unique Tourist Guide of Croatia.”

About a year later, I started to write this new title “Our Awakening,” which expresses the deepest part of myself. Upon finishing it, I have started to write another book. So my writing journey started, let’s say… recently. But now, I feel like I must continue this interesting and fulfilling journey to make it a legacy. 🙂

You may have just recently started, but that’s quite the journey already! So, you touch base with a ton of themes in “Our Awakening.” What would you say are the main themes in this poetry collection?

My book consists of nine different themes. They are also subtitles in the book and they are following:

1. Story Called Love
2. Our Awakening
3. Positive Thoughts
4. Wearing Masks
5. Expectations and Acceptance
6. Nature
7. Animals
8. Our Environment
9. Awareness

Excellent! Theme #4 and #5 were the most intriguing ones to me when I was editing them. Another thing I must ask you (because writing without them is nearly impossible): Who are some of your poetry muses?

I definitely have one muse and that is my dog Nusha. She is my inspiration, she is my love, she is my soul. I’m very, very grateful that she is the part of my life and I can thank her for so many things, like developing me into a better person, helping me in difficult situations, sharing happy moments with me, and making certain moments happier. She actually makes an appearance in my first book, in this book, and in my forthcoming book. So yes, my muse is the magnificent soul, Nusha. 🙂

I love that your dog is your muse, and that you called her a magnificent soul! So, when you sit down to create, how do you go about it? Are there certain things you have to do, or do you simply let the words flow wherever/whenever?

My writing process starts with a general idea about a book, about the topic, and about the aim I want to achieve with the certain book. When that happens, a sense of great joy overcomes me and I start to write. In the process of writing, I’m usually getting more ideas. For example, how to write the end of the book, how to design the book, what kind of photos or illustrations to put inside it, and more. That all occupies my mind a lot and in that process, I’m 100% in it.

When I take a little break from writing, I like to spend time out in the nature, to be surrounded with people that fill my soul, and of course, spend time with Nusha. They fill me and I’m getting more inspiration for doing what I have imagined. My style of writing where I found myself is in writing rhyming verses. Writing in rhymes is something that I prefer and that makes me really happy. When I achieve some strong or funny verse, I feel like my soul is dancing. So for me, writing is like a beautiful dance that makes me truly fulfilled.

That’s so beautiful, Sanja. Writing really is a form of figurative dance. Before I give the community some purchase links for your book, I was wondering if you had anything else you wanted to share with everyone.

Yes, I do. I will remain dedicated to the messages within “Our Awakening.” It is especially important as more of us awake our souls. I wrote my thoughts, which I truly believe are coming from the deepest part of my soul; from the part that is pure and divine; from the part that we all have.

To recognize some of the thoughts from the book and to further awaken somebody’s soul… Those would be my goals with this book. As more of us become truly awake, we can change so many things for the better. Altogether, we can create miracles, and I believe that is our aim on this beautiful Earth station. Maybe it’s not so easy to start awakening, but when we start, there is no return in this wonderful process, and that’s what’s truly precious. 🙂

Your words ring so true and are extremely inspirational. Thank you very much, Sanja. Best of luck in everything that you do! 😀 ❤


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The Voyager ⚛|Poem Excerpt|⛵

I’ve been a voyager of my endo-caverns
for two decades now and then some;

To know my insides is to know the outskirts
of this daily-deceiving skin
hardly-receiving the truth [it deserves]
for eye the third needs to be wide open first
to see the true-frequencies always-spoken
in form of coincidences, synchoncities, omens.


  ⚛ ❆ ❅ ❆ ❅ ❅ ❆ ❅ ⛵ ❅ ❆ ❅ ❅ ❆ ❅ ❆ ⚛
This bℓog and its content is copyright of
∃va Poete✘ – © Eva Xanthopoulos 2013
Aℓℓ rights reserved

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NOW:NOW (A Parable)

“It’s Now o’clock.” Sydni declared to the fancy-clothing cloaked gentleman who asked her what time it was.

He looked down at her clearly fake silver watch and then back up at her, amusement not apparent on his face to begin with. “9:15,” he muttered “Thanks…”

She watched him walk away like a quasi-robot would. Programmed to look at nothing but clocks and “ahead” and stocks, but never time well-spent. Her watch was more of a special commodity than anything else. She rarely looked at that thing, resentful of the illusion it spewed.

Hence why Sydni was late to work that day… again.

In through the stale-scented realty office she went, and in through her unwilling ears her boss’s forceful voice went. “Need I remind you, you work at 9:00 sharp, not 9:22 or 9:45… or any other time after 9.”

“Well, I’m here Now.” she reassured her as a matter of factly, and topped it with a smile hoping that one would be contagious.

“One more of these after 9 walk-ins and you’re fired. Now, get to work!”

“Define Now…” she muttered to herself.

“What was that?”

“Nothing. I’ll get to work. Good morning to you!”

She lied. Instead, she shut her cubicle door, took out a notepad and drew a line down the center of a page. On the left side, she drew a “-” and on the right, she drew a “+”. She wrote over the plus sign a few times for a more profound effect. The negative side, she left blank for focusing on such things would draw more of that particular energy in. On the positive side, she wrote: “Not working here” and drew a smiley face to deflect the morbidness of the “not.”

Truth is, she didn’t want to work in an environment that didn’t embrace the present moment and didn’t celebrate the presence of its employees.     Sydni quit. Not because she was a quitter, but because she was a go-getter, not-going-to-settler — an always-go-for-better even if it seems like the more difficult or “impossible” route to take.

How she went about quitting and the reaction she received from her boss and fellow co-workers is of unimportance. What’s paramount? The ending of one negative experience was actually the ultimate gateway to which she’d reach the beginning of a more positive, mind and soul expanding experience.

Days later, she started jotting down ideas for a new business pertaining to the self-help industry and planned to co-llaborate with one with as much vigor in their eyes as her own — preferably even more so. All while continuing to write poetry and parables. She even invented (within her mind) a digital clock that contained no numbers — just the letters and one character: “N” “O” “W” and a colon. She’s still waiting on the patent…



    The only “time” we have? NOW:NOW

Not yesterday and most certainly not tomorrow.

So don’t let them rob you of your newness — nowness.

Despise the job you work at? Create one that you’ll adore! And removing the word “despise” or “hate” from your personal dictionary will be a step in the right direction, too.

Don’t think such a thing is possible? Reprogram that beautifully limitless noggin of yours.

Transmute “No, I can’t!” to “Yes, I can!” Say it out loud if you have to… multiple times until it sticks.



Yes, I know you can.



This bℓog and its content is copyright of
∃va Poete✘ – © Eva Xanthopoulos 2013
Aℓℓ rights reserved

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Dis-tRance (Poem)