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INTERVIEW: “Love, War and Glory: Spoken Words for All Seasons” by Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire

Love, War, and Glory… Three things that we all have seen, experienced or been a part of. As with life, in general, all three of these concepts have their ups and downs. This book explores those themes via poetry and spoken words and examines what these themes mean in everyday life. Explore what it means to go beneath the surface and find out what you are truly capable of and how to rationalize life events, both good and bad. This book also explores how to keep your perspective when you achieve your life ambitions and aims. From dealing with heartbreak and finding your true love, to tales of warriors fighting never-ending battles, making dreams become a reality, and overcoming the odds to finally reach your goal as well as tales of supreme champions, reviews of global figures of interest, and understanding the changes and the journey we all go through in life, you will find it all in this book. I believe there is something in here that everyone can relate to. ❤️⚔️🛡 

Hello, Denis! We have a lot of ground to cover, but first: What inspired the creation of this love- and war-infused poetry collection?

I have had certain troubles and experiences in finding love and had to overcome various hurdles to achieve my ambitions in life. I wanted to share my thoughts on how to handle disappointments in life, what to do when you achieve your ambitions, staying hungry and what it means to love someone. I’m hoping this book will inspire people to not give in and offer encouragement regardless of what stage they are at in life.

I absolutely love the sentiment behind that. How did your passion for poetry initially come about?

I had written narratives, but because of where life took me, I never had a chance to explore this skillset. Narratives such as “The Man Who Went to War and Won,” I wrote 11 years ago. So it was an opportunity to explore my thoughts on a much deeper level.

Excellent! What are the top three messages in your book if you had to pick?

The book is split into four sections: Love, War, Glory and Life Stories. Each section has poems and narratives analysing these topics from a real-world standpoint.

It’s safe to say your book covers a lot of ground. Who/what are some of your major writing influences?

Everyday life and some of the things I have experienced along the way. I think my friends and family were also a big influence on me whilst writing this book.

Okay, now may you please tell me a thing or two about your poetry-writing process?

I started off by writing a list of titles that I wanted to explore. I then wrote about how I felt at the time. Sometimes I would get an idea whilst working out at the gym or on the track and would get on my computer to start writing.

What makes your book different from other books like it?

A lot of books focus on love or may focus on war and some may touch on glory. But very few cover all three in a manner that can be applied to everyday life.

Any final thoughts?

Honestly, I think this book is for everyone. If you like love poems you can find them here. If you want to hear about stories of warriors fighting never-ending battles this book has it. If you want to know how to cope when you reach the top of your mountain in any aspect of life you will find it here. There are event accounts of some of the great champions that have come about in.

That’s wonderful, Denis. Thank you so much for speaking with me. It’s been a true pleasure! 🙂



Denis Olasehinde Akinmolasire is a software engineer who has always enjoyed writing and is taking the opportunity to share his unique insights and hidden talents to the rest of the world. Denis’s perspectives have been formed through his own journey in finding love, battling to overcome the challenges and fears that have been put in front of him in the pursuit of glory and being the very best he can be at everything he does.


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INTERVIEW: “Anytime Rhymes” by Kat Parker

Welcome to my brain! Here we have a collection of poems from my life and daily observations of the wonderous world around us. Topics range from the serious and concerning to hopeful and romantic. Sometimes we need a reminder we are not alone, and this book is it. I am shouting loud and proud that I am a perfectly imperfect human!


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Good afternoon, Kat! Poetry that celebrates the perfection of human imperfection is my favorite kind, so you can imagine how excited I am to be having this interview with you. I’d love to know the what inspiration behind this poetic creation was.

My inspiration for this book was feeling like I had no place to express my thoughts on so many topics we should be discussing as a global community.

Kat_Parker_BWA collection of poetry certainly is a great form of expression! When did poetry become your passion?

I’ve always dabbled in it but life and a full-time job took up much of my time. When my close friend and mentor passed away unexpectedly, I didn’t want to let another day pass without reaching for my dreams and one of those dreams was to share my creations with the world.

I’m so sorry to hear about that, but it sounds like that pushed you to not let this beautiful life pass you by. I’m glad you’re actualizing this dream. What are some of the key messages in Anytime Rhymes?

I want everyone to feel like they have a voice and that they matter, even those that may not speak our language. I don’t mean English or other languages but more like those that are scared to speak out or those that can’t (animals).

Serving as a voice for the voiceless… That’s very powerful! Who/what are some of your main influencers along your creative writing path?

My life and those that have been (even if briefly) a part of my life and this journey we’re all on together. I believe we can have a better world for all if we work together. I am but a small cog in this grand machine we call life.

That’s a very humbling perspective to have! Next, I’d like to know what your word-weaving process tends to look like.

I channel my feelings, whether it be anger, joy, frustration, excitement, or any of the other emotions we go through during our daily life, and this is my way to release it and share those feelings with our world.

I am but a small cog in this grand machine we call life.

How wonderful! So, Kat, is there anything else you would like to mention before we part ways?

Open and honest communication is the key to solving a lot of problems. Never be afraid to speak your truth.

Absolutely! I agree with that wholeheartedly. Thanks for your words of inspiration, fellow poet. Never put that pen down! 🙂





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📖INTERVIEW: “Bent: 31 Poems” by T A Price

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With her release of this deceptively slim collection, “Bent: 31 Poems,” T A Price is being touted as one of North Carolina’s best poets. Price draws you into her world with vignettes of rural life and intimate portraits. The foreword is written by one of the south’s most prominent writers, Ron Rash, American poet, short story writer and novelist, and Parris Distinguished Professor in Appalachian Cultural Studies. Bent 31 Poems is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Grateful Steps Publishing in Asheville, North Carolina.

I’m truly thrilled to be chatting with you today, Teresa. Thank you for taking the time to have this interview. It means a lot to me and the community. So, what inspired these 31 poetic creations?

For over a decade, readers and friends have asked me to release a volume of poetry. A couple of summers ago writer and friend, John Walker, former frontman for the acclaimed Texas band “Midnight Rodeo,” former mayor of China, Texas, and founder and Director of the Hardin-Jefferson Hunger Initiative convinced me to proceed with the acceptance of Grateful Steps Publishing in Asheville, NC to release a collection of poems.

As a writer, support really is a driving force. I’m glad your friends (John especially) had such a positive influence on your creative path. When and how did poetry become a part of your journey?

Writing poetry has always been a core part of my existence. I began reading and writing prior to entering kindergarten, and my mother was always collecting and saving my scraps, as if each letter could not be tossed. When I was in the 2nd grade, my teacher, Katherine Stark, at Alice Shaw Elementary in Santa Maria California, called my mother to tell her that I was consumed with writing poems, and that she wanted to publish one of them called, “If I Had Wings.” Similar teacher interest remained constant throughout my education, and in high school at Rutherfordton Spindale (Central), English teacher Catherine Long sent some of my poems to various publications. That year, “Ezro, The Turkey Man,” received first place and publication in Reflections Literary Magazine (Gardner-Webb University). Since that time, I have juggled my inherent desire to write, along with motherhood and a career as an educator, of which I have recently retired.

And how wonderful that you had such supportive teachers as well! I love that your love of poetry began so early on for you. So, what messages are you striving to convey in this poetry collection?

Most of my work allows the reader an intimate glance into my intuition and impressions of heart. These glances are at the core of my writing. I hear a heart, I revel in nature, and I embrace love, and it is this exchange between life and my own soul that poetically taps out a lyrical line and a shape of verse in response.

That’s immensely beautiful! Surely, you’ve had a lot of influences along the way… Can you name a few?

Sarah Teasdale, Robert Frost, Robert Hayden, and Witter Bynner.

All great choices, especially Robert Frost. Inspiration, check. Writing journey, check. Influences, check. Now, may you please disclose some information about your poetry writing process?

I write on napkins in restaurants, scraps in my purse, paper near my bed upon waking when a verse rushes out. I stop midstream to list a moment, or to note an observance, and later when I am still and quiet, I recall and revisit the impression and allow my muse free range with a pen. Sometimes, I attempt to “schedule” writing time, but invariably I return to the former where I record life in the midst of living it, catching and composing glimpses, in snatches, and in real time.

Honestly, that’s the way to be! I absolutely love the way you worded all that. Now, to switch gears on you once again… Since you have been published off and on throughout your life, why did you wait so long to release a collection (if you don’t mind me asking)?

My mother once startled me while I was writing in a nook. I did not hear her come into my home, nor did I sense her in my space, until she said, “I can only imagine what you would have become had you not become a mother.” I was reminded of a line I’d loved in “Terms of Endearment,” when Aurora (Shirley McClaine) asks, “How will your life get better if you keep having children with that man?” So life happened and mostly as a seclusionist, I continued to write in the wee hours of the morning, in the middle of the night, at ballgames, and in nooks. Poems were then stuffed into notebooks, and boxes, and eventually left as remnants on hard drives.

After Walker encouraged and convinced me to release a volume, I began meeting with Dr. Dwight Stephens to read aloud verses I’d collected from the various hoards. With his discipline as an example, I was able to proceed with some method of organization which is now ongoing. I have more volumes to produce, and now with some sense of cataloging of a life in place, the release of a life of piling is now in process.

That makes perfect sense. I appreciate all the insight you’ve given me and the community. Before we part ways, feel free to leave us with a few concluding words.

I am humbled by the reader reviews that I have received thus far, and by the rich support extended from the notable Rash brothers, both the writer Ron, and the documentarist, Tom. Their support and advice has been immeasurable at this time in my writing life.

Just as you are gratitude-filled, as am I. Thank you so very much, again, for speaking with me about your vibrant life and current poetry book. 🧡


Bent: 31 Poems is now available on Amazon.



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📖INTERVIEW with Breanna Brown about her new book, “Amnesia.” 💜

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Poetess Breanna Brown takes you on a journey through life’s countless trials and triumphs. Through untold suffering and unbearable loss, the road to enlightenment and greater faith is paved. From the darkness, we awaken stronger than we ever could have imagined.

Amnesia belongs in your poetry book collection if you’ve ever been through a difficult time and are looking for a some hope. Or perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you like the author has. Either way, this book is a must-read!


Hi Breanna! I must say, the cover of Amnesia is very striking. But we can’t judge a book entirely by its cover alone, so I’m sure glad we’re having this interview. First thing’s first: Inspiration. What was your main source of inspiration when putting together this poetry book?

I had to watch my mother suffer from lung cancer. Until then, I always thought of her as this unmovable mountain that would always be present when I looked out into the distance. I had to watch her get chiseled away and I didn’t know how to survive once she had passed. I started to write to cope and it turned into a healing process. Before I knew it, I had a mess load of pieces of me on paper. And I thought that maybe my experiences could help someone…

In our darkest hour, it seems like creativity makes her way into our lives. It’s in those moments when poetry becomes more than mere writing on a page, it becomes a healer. I’m glad poetry found you. When it comes to your journey as a writer, how did it all begin and what’s your creative journey looking like now?

My mother taught me to write before I even entered preschool. Ever since then, it’s been a way of life for me. I write to exercise my observations, take inventory on my emotions and translate our human heritage of awareness into worlds that can be explored over and over again.

That’s so beautiful, Breanna! It’s amazing that your mother taught you how to write at such a young age as well. How inspiring is that? Also, I love what you said about translating our human heritage of awareness. That’s a poem in and of itself! So, theme-wise, what are we looking at?

My book follows a cognizance theme. In the dawn of my struggle, I felt like I’d dozed off into a very dark nightmare, as if I were sleepwalking through my days. Then, I started to wake up. I saw the true natures of love and life in what felt like a moment of deja vu. I began to heal and the more I did, the more lucid I became.

Once again… how beautiful! It’s safe to say that while this book covers some dark themes, it grants an unshakable sense of hope within the reader. So, it’s easy to tell that your mother is your biggest inspiration and influence, but who/what are some of your other muses?

Muses? Ah, there are dozens. Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Rihanna, Beyonce, Missy Elliot… There are so many whom I admire. That list would probably span over four, five blog posts, lol.

I bet :D. I’m the same way, honestly. So, when you sit down to write, how do you normally go about it… or does it vary?

My writing process is a flighty one. Sometimes I have to sit with nothing but a notebook and pen, pray and open myself up for His inspiration. Other times, I reflect and revisit my most intense experiences. Then there are times where I’m driving to the grocery store and I have to pull over because an idea decided to hit my windshield at that very moment. I don’t have a distinct process because I need multiple ways to stay open and flexible.

That makes perfect sense. Inspiration can hit us at the most random of times. Luckily, you pull over if the poetry bug bites you while driving. Speech to Text typically doesn’t do the best job (I would know :D). Anyway, I’m really grateful you took the time to chat with me about your amazing book. I’m sure anyone who’s reading this interview is feeling particularly inspired.


Breanna Brown’s Official Website


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📖 INTERVIEW with Ashley Perkins about her new poetry book “Naked Soul.” 📖

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“Naked Soul” takes the reader on an uplifting spiritual journey through life’s countless lows and highs. These literary tidbits of self-discovery in poetry form reveal a soul-stirring narrative that will jolt inspiration within many hearts. Through Ashley Perkins’ articulate use of alliterative lines, striking stanzas, flowing rhymes, and unique metaphors, this ultimate awakening gains momentum poem by poem. Both intuitive and equally as expressive, poet Ashley Perkins invites you to lose the notion of what doesn’t make your heart sing, so you can discover the driving force of reality: authenticity, passion, and unconditional love for others and the self. By the end of this heart-felt collection of exquisitely-crafted poems, you will be transformed in ways you may have not initially expected. Whether you have struggled with low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts, or simply not feeling good enough, “Naked Soul” will serve as the golden light at the end of that winding dark tunnel. Find out what she learned through her faith in God and her own personal experiences and let these poems resonate with you.

Hello Ashley! I’m excited to be talking with you about your new book today. “Naked Soul” is definitely a beautiful poetry book. I’m sure a lot of inspiration went into its making. What inspired this poetic creation the most?

Finding myself in the deep pits of depression and finding healing in expressing myself through writing. I also found healing through reflecting back on my past and leaning on my faith in God to get me through. I grew passionate to encourage others to know that there is hope and that life gets better.

That is extremely empowering. Poetry really is a wonderful healer. As a fellow word weaver, how did your creative journey begin and how did it flourish?

I started off with the ambitious goal to simply write a book full of poems not really knowing what I was going to write about. My 4-6 poems grew more and more each month. The journey started off really passionate. It got tough along the ways, but I kept pressing on because of the people I was writing for. I knew that they desperately needed to hear what God inspired me to say, so I could not give up.

Amongst the many themes featured in this collection, what would you say are the most prominent ones?

Transparency, low self esteem/ depression/ suicide/ lack of purpose, and hope in Christ.

You talked about what inspired “Naked Soul,” but what inspires your soul?

Nature… walks in the park, oxymorons, prayer, music, and relaxation.

Ha! I love that you included oxymorons in that list. Okay, so we chatted about inspiration, themes, poetic journeys… There’s a ton more we could cover, but I’m especially curious about your creative process…

My creative process is usually is spontaneous. I get inspired by music, nature, and all kinds of things. I am most creative when I am not trying to be. Once I get an idea in my mind, I write down everything that I am inspired to say. I don’t worry about any grammar or spelling errors at that moment. I just let the words flow out of me. I speak with honesty and try to let my personality show.

That sounds perfect! It really is all about harnessing that natural creative flow. Forcing it hardly ever works. So, is there anything else you’d like to add before we part ways?

If this book touches one soul and inspires them, my writing was not in vain.

Oh, I’m know it has and will continue to inspire MANY. Thank you so much for having this interview with me. It was such a joy talking to you! 😀


Ashley Perkins is a passionate author, songwriter, playwright, and advocate of positive change who calls Amarillo, Texas home.

To date, she has written five plays and one short skit for church. Also, she enjoys writing songs. Ashley is motivated to uplift Jesus Christ and inspire others in her creative works. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship.

When she isn’t crafting plays, lyrics, or poems, Ashley enjoys sewing and journaling. She is also an avid bookworm. She resides in Amarillo, Texas with her husband, Tradon, and their pitbull , Faith.

Ashley’s Amazon Page:

BOOK_COVER_5.png***Now Available on Amazon and Createspace!***