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Top 10 Meditation Hacks (in poetic form)

Top 10 MeditationHacks (Visual with graphics)

In plain-text:

01. Cloudgaze ’til you reach cloud nine and above.
02. When reading, become the story, ’til you feel that there’s nothing else.
03. Walk slowly, sole to concrete/to grass — a gaia dance. Soul `ntwined with nature.
04. Breathe in Love, Breathe out Love. Deeply. ‘Til nothing but the ether makes you high.
05. When eating, thank for each bite you chew and for each bite you swallow. Gratify and enjoy your body nourishment thoroughly at all times.
06. Sit and be still. Distill all thought. Just be.
07. Listen to music (outside) that gives you chills and be warmed by morn-sun.
08.  Drive attentively. You have all the time in world. At stop lights ignite the visionary inside and enjoy the scenery, the greenery, the architecture, the blueness of sky–her grandness!
09. Observe a flower, but don’t pick it. Take in its aroma, but don’t pick it–let it pick you. Appreciate its hue, its contrast to the green surrounding, and leave it be for the bumbling bees, to show off its beauty to other passerby.
10. Smile until you feel a tingling warmth envelope your etheric and physical body. Smile with every organ. Fuel self with light and love.