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📖Interview with Ruben Belizaire about his book ‘Broken.’

attachment_171125072546 (1).pngBroken is a collection of poetry written by a Ruben Belizaire prior to his time in the military and the following months after his separation. The collection of poems tells a story about love, relationships, cheating, betrayals, the treatment of woman and personal struggles. Broken takes the time out to question one’s self-purpose and identity for. Belizaire, along with his co-author Edmilson, wrote Broken to reach out to individuals who might be going through the same issues and do not want to talk about them. This book is not a fairytale and does not a clear ending. It cannot as life is not over yet for the author. Broken’s unorthodox style of writing will leave the reader wanting more.


Hello Ruben! I’m excited to be having this interview with you about our latest poetry collection, “Broken.” What was your main source of inspiration for its creation?

My inspiration for this book was my personal life and relationship problems I’ve seen myself.

Firsthand experience really does serve as fuel for anyone who creates! So, what started it all for you (poetry-wise)?

I started writing in 7th grade, and ever since then, I just kept writing down my thoughts. This collection features mostly writings from my high school years and new ones. I’m very indecisive so the hardest part was deciding what poems to include and what not to include, as well as how long it should be.

I completely get that. Once you accumulate enough poems, there are a lot of tough calls to be made. What themes are showcased in “Broken”?

Themes involve love, pain, and betrayal.

Those themes are certainly universal. As a poet myself, there’s no way I can avoid such topics when writing. When you sit down to write a poem, how do you typically go about it?

My writing process includes listening to jazz and reflecting on past memories and social problems.

Music is a wonderful motivator! And self-reflection is a necessary ingredient to poetry writing. Anyway, thank you very much for chatting with me. I’ll include some more info about you below so anyone reading this can learn more.

attachment_171125071437 (1).jpegIn high school, Ruben Belizaire was on the wrestling team. During his senior year, he realized he wasn’t going to do anything with wrestling in his future and decided to quit the team. The coach made him transfer out of his weightlifting class and he did so.

He would end up in a creative writing class that only included five other students. In this class, Belizaire began to start sharing his writing that he started in the seventh grade but didn’t feel the need or have the courage to share.

Two years after high school, Belizaire decided to join the United States Navy, where he would serve honorably for four years. Instead of reenlisting, he decided to move on with his life and go back to college to study Public Administration. In his new student experience class, he would meet a fellow writer (Edmilson) who would encourage him to write a book and he did. Belizaire’s goal in all of this is to encourage everyone to pursue whatever it is that is their passion.

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Livewire (poem) ✨💖

Brightspark, you plunged head-first into my chest cavity
and poured starshine into my heart-craters long-frozen-over,
turning stagnant nebula to newly-birthed sun.

the typhoons
you must’ve traveled through,

the volcanic debris
that must’ve caked your Uranian eyes,

the acidic blood
that must’ve charred your soles,

the veins
that must’ve tangled and constricted your torso
like starving boas.

And here you are, Brightspark,
burning brighter than ever before.

How brave you are.

But you tell me I’m even braver
for opening my chamber’s door once more.

Now, I take on this torch and rekindled bravery—
And this eternal light you’ve given me,
I’ll continually pour forth forevermore.

heart beat GIF by Aiste Papartyte

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Moon and Light (micro poem) 🌙

I was born with the
moon skin and light
that you are.

moon girl GIF