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Starlust Hymns (micro poem) ✨

Stardust limbs and heart,
Love every inch seen, unseen.
Starlust hymns and work of art…
What you are.


space solar system GIF by NASA

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Barked Buddha (poem + photography)

Watch as winter bluster inspires
barked Buddha to dance in its sway,
conducting Gaia’s symphony
through intricate mudras
with its flailing limbs—
all on public display.



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Lunar Lion 🌙🦁

You’re here to live passionately, fully.
Repeat after me: Compassion-lit me’s ready to soar.
Like the moon in Leo, I’m ready to roar!

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StardUSted 💫 #poem

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Heliophobic Lightbeing ✨ (poem)

Moonlit, sunlit, starlit.
Pulsar, quasar, pulsing from afar.
Crackling fireplace.
High beams.
Starling, bearer of all lighting,
you fear you’re too blinding
(though sometimes you can be),
you fear you’ll ignite a ceaseless forest fire
(though sometimes you do),
but your biggest fear is touching
your reflection in the iced pond.
My biggest fear are those negative spaces,
Dark’s ability to black out,
And that your fear will devour you
and Earth will become but a larger Pluto.
So please, step out of your darkness, Starling,
and with each step, know that while fires can engulf
meadows to charcoal oblivion, flames also warm
frostbitten hands and hearts
and light the ways to brighter days.

campfire starlight GIF by Malu Duque