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Communing with The Cosmos #poem

A poem to kick off 2017…

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Universe Unearthed – prose #poem

Your gold-hued sliver of light adventures through the tiny tunnel, funnels into my previous haven—b’fore it was bitter-goodbyes-laden. The blotchy black tar sponge-painted throughout my heart gradiates from dark shade to its original crimson. 

My, your, our Universe, unearthed. 
Smiling eyes, goldened existence. 

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Poems Are More Than Words

Sometimes, I don’t write in words.
I write in gazes; in vibrations;
in simple moments of childlike elation.

We’re all poets, but know this:
No pens or pencils could write our life stories.
No metaphor can adorn your journey
like a soul collision between bodies miles apart.
No simile can unleash the kind of smile you get when
you stumble upon a loved one you haven’t seen in a while.

One look can write a thousand poems instantaneously.
But don’t mistake looks for appearances
or what you see with the eyes.


You’re a cosmic poet, meant to flow with it all.
The ebbs and flows; highs and lows.
Within, with-out—all around.

This isn’t my poem. It’s only a poem when I stop
using words and meditate on the infinity
that permeates our bones;
the very fabric of all realities;
The One Soul.

Eva PoeteX © 2016

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