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Zen Poetry!

A few weeks ago, I started an Instagram feed that features zen poetry and musings I’ve personally penned. I also post kanji calligraphy and create compositions that go along with each piece.  I’ve always considered myself to be a mystic poet more or less, but I really find myself resonating with Zen Buddhism more than I used to. You can read my work here.


Here’s a little sneak peek:


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Zen Masters Aren’t Cloaked, They’re Furred 🐈

she’s a croissant made of moondust
on Carpathian rug’s edge,
torso ascending and sinking
on autopilot, engine
a lax purRrRr.

my pen’s point rests atop
e m p t y parchment page,
ink accumulates
into blackhle, beckons
me to descend into oblivion
just like her.

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Altared State

There’s an altar without
a Buddha statue, gemstones, or lit candles.
There are no chants bouncing off a wooden table.
There are no icons with gold-leafed backgrounds.

This altar is
two blue nebulas that,
instead of floating in space,
are housed in your eye sockets.
Peering into them brings me closer to The Cosmic Force
more than a Bible or traditional prayer at an actual altar ever can.

This altar is
the empty river bed my fingertips trace
south to north to south on your back.
It’s an altered state,
where you and I merged
is the only reality that paints
my sweaty naked body.

I was atheist until I met you.
I now find myself worshipping you
during each and every
and the silence between them.


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Stargazers (poem)

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Spiral Galaxy Arms 🌌 (poem)

Your spiral galaxy arms hold me
like crust encapsulates Earth’s core,
and suddenly, I remember
the trillions of stars that I am.