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Starry Eternity (poem) 💫

Betwixt all the nothing and everything,
erupts galaxy’s worth of potential
long-brewing amongst a starry eternity
set to the backdrop of infinite blackness.

Messier 106 / NGC 4258 (Image credit: NASA).
Composite of IR (red), x-ray (blue), radio (purple) and visible light view.
We are the stars, we are the void.

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Wise Elephant 🐘

I shrink.
More room to think
when I’m the elephant in the room no longer.
Much stronger,
those roots and that trunk.
I shrunk
my ego into the size of a 1 by 1 Lego block.
It still hurts my sole to step on it, but that won’t last.
A smaller ego serves as the soul’s teacher.
And if I’m an elephant in the room now, it’s a wise one.


 elephant GIF

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Squiggly Lines (poem)

Who says we meet our fate in a straight, single-file line?
Who says the path is shaped in zigzag or dotted horizontals?

Paths are in infinity’s shape at soul-level,
A glop of squiggly lines wadded up into a paper ball at material-value.

Take that crinkled sheet of tree pulp and toss it in the waste bin,
and only let Infinity in.