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Stargazers (poem)

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Spiral Galaxy Arms 🌌 (poem)

Your spiral galaxy arms hold me
like crust encapsulates Earth’s core,
and suddenly, I remember
the trillions of stars that I am.

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Starlust Hymns (micro poem) ✨

Stardust limbs and heart,
Love every inch seen, unseen.
Starlust hymns and work of art…
What you are.


space solar system GIF by NASA

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Barked Buddha (poem + photography)

Watch as winter bluster inspires
barked Buddha to dance in its sway,
conducting Gaia’s symphony
through intricate mudras
with its flailing limbs—
all on public display.



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Lunar Lion 🌙🦁

You’re here to live passionately, fully.
Repeat after me: Compassion-lit me’s ready to soar.
Like the moon in Leo, I’m ready to roar!