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★INTERVIEW with Ingrid Jane Phillip on Her New Poetry Album★


“We’ve all been through something; it doesn’t matter if you were born in the poorest nation in the world or the son/daughter of a billionaire. We have all gone through something. The question is what will you do to overcome? What will you do to conquer and what will you do to heal? Echoes is one woman’s journey, spoken. This audio CD is now presented to you for the first time anywhere. This is not a sad story; it was not created for you to feel empathy. Echoes was created to inspire, enrich and to show us that anything can be overcome.

Echoes is broken down into 15 spoken word poems. Each one tells a story. Echoes is an emotional roller coaster, one piece will make you cry, the next will have you overcome with joy and cheer. Echoes is not only about the trials and tribulations of Ingrid Jane Phillips and the blessings that have come her way, Echoes is also about the ability to accept your blessings. The lord can be ready to bless you but until you are open to receiving, these blessing will not come. This is a precious lesson that Ingrid has learned and she shares this through her poetry.

I will not go into Ingrid’s triumph, which is the reason why Echoes exists. I will however say that this CD is meant to inspire. If Ingrid can empower just one person, it will have made it all worth it. I challenge you to not let Ingrid only inspire one person. If you are reading this, I have no doubt you will be inspired by this piece of work. Don’t keep these works for yourself. Share it, and inspire others to join in and hear Ingrid’s mission, her passion and her life’s work.”


I’m excited to start talking about this poetry album (not book)! These interviews normally have to do with books, which is obviously not a bad thing… I’m a total bookworm, but spoken word sets a different type of ambiance. What was your source of inspiration for this wonderful creation?

My inspiration for this poetry CD is really based on my life story. I was abused sexually.


Hearing that made my heart sink. It honestly takes courage to create and share that art in the face of something so traumatizing. May you tell me a bit about your journey as a poetess?

My writing journey started when I muted myself from the world and penned my pain in writing. Each poem/song came from an experience.


Experiences really have the power to put one on a creative path. I’m glad poetry found you. It’s such an incredible outlet! But poetry blossoms into something more with muses. What are some of yours?

My inspiration is from God and some people who have experienced abuse and don’t know how to cope with life as well as my son for his support.


That’s beautiful! Care to share a bit about your writing process?

My writing comes at any given moment, where something will happen and I start to write about my experience.


Inspiration really is everywhere! You don’t know when it’ll strike you next. Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we conclude this interview?

I would like anyone out there listening to feel free to call or email me. I would be happy to come and share my story. Phone: 813-394-7522 Email:


Thank you, Ingrid! 🙂 It was such a pleasure speaking with you. I’ll be sure to provide links to your website and Facebook for the community below.




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📖 INTERVIEW with Azer on His New Poetry Book 📖

Savage Fantasies and True Love: A small collection of poems by [Azer] Savage Fantasies and True Love is a small but amazing collection of poems by young and upcoming poet Azer. It’s an untamed and unpolished glimpse into his mind. Azer neither censors himself, nor does he try to hide any part of his persona. It’s something that can be felt in his writing. This collection includes primal emotions, plain boredom, and even cheesy love, all in the same collection. In a world where everything feels planned and packaged, Savage Fantasies and True Love has that unpolished feel to it that really let’s you connect with the writer. Even if you’re not well-read in poetry, you can really appreciate the simplicity in Azer’s work.

Okay, to kick this interview off, I’d like to ask: What was the main inspiration for your poetry book?

The world around me and my most inner thoughts.

Both the inner and outer worlds are full of infinite wonder, so that makes perfect sense. Can you tell me a little bit about your poetic journey?

My writing journey started a few years back, when I started writing small booklets on non-fictional subjects. Since then I’ve written tons of material, in all kinds of different shapes and genres. Today, I work as a copywriter, and I believe it’s a growing feeling of distance from the unreal and dishonest nature of my current work that has pushed me to express myself through poems, as well as short stories lately.

That’s awesome! Care to share some of the themes featured in this collection?

This little book, as the title hints, has two major themes. One is an exploration of the simple, savage being inside me. The other one is my exploration of joyful emotions and love. Both of these themes presents me with an opportunity to dig up thoughts and emotions that otherwise are awkward to express. At first, I tried to find a more primal voice inside me, but as I searched, I found that there was another voice that hadn’t had a chance to speak for a while. It was the kind of cheesy and uncool emotions of joy and love, that one truly has to be in love to hear. For some reason these feelings embarrassed me; they seemed so lame in some way, which is exactly why I decided to include it. I realized that it was in a way the most real voice that I could find inside me, and that by expressing it, the book felt ever so much genuine to me.

That being said, what are some of your muses?

For most of my work, it’s simplicity as well as the people and the world around me. However, the poems are mainly inspired by myself. I try to listen to what’s inside, but I also try to let my mind wander in many different directions to see what I can find.

Writing really is an act of self-discovery. It can also be highly meditative. What’s your creation process like?

Half of what I write just comes to me, and I quickly write it down on a piece of paper or on my phone. The other half of what I write is when I have time to sit down and think. I try not to edit myself unless absolutely necessary. Even if the result is bad, I prefer it to be genuine. If I’m really unhappy with something I wrote, I simply won’t publish it.

Authenticity certainly is paramount, especially when it comes to creating. So, is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap things up here?

To anyone reading my work: Don’t just read, write! It doesn’t have to be great, or even good, as long as it’s you. Then no matter what happens, you’ll always have at least one fan of your work.

Thank you so much for having this interview and for the last tidbit of wisdom. I’m sure the community will really appreciate it. And in case anyone missed it in the intro, Azer’s poetry book is now available on Amazon in Kindle format for only 99 cents. Go here:

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Interview with Radha Mulder on Her New Poetry Book “Love Notes” ♥

^Click on image to purchase!

Take a heart-filling journey through the breadth and depths of Radha Mulder’s poetry in this second book, a large Collection of 60 poems set against 60 visually-stunning photographs. A moving book filled with stirring poetry written on the topic of Love, in all its glory, in every hue, with all its passion and emotions that it evokes.

Love is not merely a concoction of emotions, moved by passion, and stirred by sentiment, it is a deep knowing, an abiding faith, a comfort and a place one can call home. Radha dives deep to explore this topic which creates the very bonds of life that every heart seeks, and brings it to it’s essence in this compilation of 60 poems, sure to engage and enrapture every heart that seeks, wonders, and longs for that true expression called Love.


Hi there, Radha! I’m thrilled to be doing this interview with you today. I’ve always had a soft spot for love poetry, especially poems that showcase love-infused themes that go beyond the tangible. That first question I’d like to ask is: What served as your inspiration to create Love Notes?

I have been passionately writing poetry since my teens and felt inspired to share my work for others to feel hope and inspiration in their lives.

♥ ♥ ♥

As a poet myself, I can certainly relate to that! And as poets, artists, and all-around creative types, we all have a journey. Can you tell me a little bit about yours?

It’s mostly in moments of stillness when inspiration starts to flow through—but sometimes, it can even be in awkward moments like in the middle of a shower that I’ve had to stop my shower and dry my hands, and find pen and paper, any paper, to capture the words. Writing poetry began in my teens and has been an on-going journey throughout life, which has been a source of comfort, understanding and strength to help me continuously move forward.

♥ ♥ ♥

That’s so beautiful and highly relatable. I’ve actually had bursts of inspiration while driving, which isn’t all that convenient. Thank goodness for text to speech! 🙂 Anyway, let’s talk themes. Love Notes implies that this is in fact a collection full of love poems, but may you elaborate on this a bit?

The most prevalent themes are Love, Life and God, which is actually the title of my first book. However this title is mostly about Love; love of others, as well as of the self. I have focused on Love in this title and my upcoming book will focus on my poems about Life.

♥ ♥ ♥

Wonderful! We already touched on inspiration, but that was for this book in particular. In general, who/what are your personal muses?

RM: I actually don’t have any muses, or perhaps I better say, the wisdom of the Vedas and life’s experiences have been my sources of inspiration.

♥ ♥ ♥

Wisdom and philosophy really are the ultimate muses. Now, I’d like to get into your writing process. Any poet, artist, creative mind I’ve interviewed may all have creating in common, but I’ve noticed a notable difference in the way they go about it. So, what’s it like for you?

I’m a philosophical person, constantly contemplating life’s meaning, depth, and reasons. Through this process, and in these times, I find that I can best find answers and solutions to life’s situations by expressing these thoughts in writing. When writing, I let the words come, I don’t censor or edit. I leave that for later. First I just observe, and then I analyze.

Excellent answer! I really enjoyed chatting with you about your lovely new book and getting to know you better. Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me.

And just a friendly reminder for the community:
Radha’s book is available on her website. Click here!


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