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📖 Poetry Book Interview with Ideas with Ink📖


IdeasWithInk_CoverLife Became His Poetry. Poetry Became His Life. Captivating Poetry and Prose collection by 16-year-old Canadian teenager. The pain, the betrayal, lost friendships, first unrequited love bled from his soul, seeped through his fingers and into the words and sentences on a laptop. The images born in his mind lived on paper. Three years of poetry filled with despair and hope went into this book and were conserved as the time capsule of his teenagehood. Writing gave him a purpose to live, a desire to share his thoughts, emotions, and experiences, a will to connect with the world through rhythm and line.

Time Capsule sounds like a beautiful book of compelling poetry. What inspired you to create it?

This collection consists of over three years of writing, thoughts, emotions, and insecurities for a modern teen. As I am writing another book, I literally wanted to save all of my previous life and preserve it in the Time Capsule.

What a fitting book title! Now, may you share your writing journey with us?

What started as a healing process from the cruel experiences of the High School life turned into a life journey and passion. Misunderstood, invisible, laughed at, I turned everything around and started writing. I’m also in the process of helping other creative Canadian teens and founded this project:, which will be going live in September 2017.

Now that we know a bit about your journey, let’s talk themes. What themes are showcased in this collection?

The themes of Love, Betrayal, Self-Worth, Why Do We Live and Die, Who Am I, etc.

Great choices! All of these are such universal themes. How about your personal muses?

Probably my life experiences and also my thoughts and dreams. I was lonely (and still am) but I write and create to share with the world.

Our innermost thoughts and dreams are certainly creative forces to be reckoned with. What does your writing process generally consist of?

I write every day for at least two hours. I then share it with my mother via google docs (we edit, add ideas, copy edit, etc.).

It’s wonderful how supportive your mother is of your craft. Do you have any forthcoming books?

My next book is coming in the Fall of 2017 and it is called nothing by nobody. It’s not just poetry, it also includes a lot of art and photography.

I love when creative minds dabble in multiple mediums. nothing by nobody sounds like yet another lovely collection. Now that this interview is coming to a close, is there anything else you’d like to say?

Yes. Always remain positive, work hard, and believe in yourself.

The perfect concluding words! Especially for us writers. If we don’t believe in ourselves, then our creativity suffers as a result. Self-belief is a super power, if you ask me. Anyway, thank you so much for having this interview with me! It was a joy chatting with you through and through.


Time Capsule is currently available as a
Paperback and Kindle book on Amazon.

Ideas with Ink’s Official Website:

The Publisher’s Website:

You can also find him on social media:
📖 Twitter: @IdeasWithInk
📖 Facebook: @IdeasWithInk
📖 Google+: Click here!

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📖Poetry Book Interview with Larry Davis Jr.📖

Book_Cover__My_PoemsComposed of beautifully written poems, Larry Davis Jr.’s My Poems: The Ones with the One-Word Titles is an anthology that touches on subjects that range from love and pain to passion, sexuality, and self-worth, making it an emotionally eclectic body of work that one can thoroughly enjoy.

This collection of poems is currently available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback format. Go here to grab your very own copy!

As with any kind of artist, in this case a poet, inspiration is of supreme importance. What would you say inspired you to create this poetry collection?

The inspiration for writing this book came from my creative writing class. Being that I was an English major, i wanted to create a project that was challenging, yet thought provoking.

Whether you’re a painter, a writer, or a musician, us creative types undergo a journey that oftentimes shapes us in ways we didn’t necessarily expect. Can you give me some insight into your unique journey?

My writing journey started in college. During my time in my creative writing class, my professor would make the students participate in activities that enhanced our writing abilities. As a result, I become a stronger writer. Throughout time, I would write randoms poems just to show off my skills. However, after receiving great feedback, I decided to challenge myself by writing a collection of poems that had one-word titles and through provoking messages. That’s how “My Poems: The Ones With The One-Word Titles” came about.

What are some of the themes you showcase in this book?

Some of the themes of the book are sadness, nostalgia, pain, love, and confidence.

As a poet, what are some of your creative muses?

Poetry, Work, Financial Stability.

So, what’s your writing process typically like?

When it comes to the writing process, I always make sure that I read other work from other poets. The reason why I do so is because other poets such as Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks give me inspiration. From there, I began to reflect on my life as those reflections turn into words.

One of my favorite poets is Rumi. Who’s yours?

Langston Hughes.

Okay. It’s time to wrap this interview up. Do you have any concluding thoughts that you’d like to share with everybody?

The one thing that I would like to say is that after reading this collection of poetry, I hope that everyone feels empowered and enlightened.

I don’t hope, I know that they will. It sounds like you poured a lot of your soul into these poems. Thank you so much for having this interview with me! It was a true pleasure.

Again, if anyone who read this interview is interested owning a copy of My Poems: The Ones with the One-Word Titles, please click here.


To find out more about Larry Davis Jr.,
check out his Facebook page:

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📖INTERVIEW with Debra B. Spencer on her NEW children’s book!

HenryandtheBullyDream big, big enough to stop bullies. That was eight-year-old Henry’s solution to stop Cameron, the jealous school bully who teased him just because he was smart. Shy, small, and as wiry as his glasses, the thought of standing up to the boy terrified Henry. Soon however, he had enough of Cameron and his jokes and jabs, and his grudge toward him grew and fueled his imagination with dreams of revenge. But through the help of a beautiful dream fairy and a kind principal, both boys learn the harm of holding a grudge, the importance of self-control, and the power of forgiveness. Henry and the Bully is a wonderful tale of unlikely friendships, mercy, and big dreams that all ages will enjoy!

Hello Debra! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. Before we delve into your new children’s book, let’s talk about you a bit. When did your love of writing enter your life?

As long as I can remember, I have loved to create characters in my head and bring them to life on paper. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I create characters that others can relate to and embrace.

Relatability sure is important in a story! We can now shift to Henry and the Bully.  Can you tell me about the story-line?

The story is about a young boy who struggles with the problem of being bullied by one of his classmates. He is visited by a “dream fairy” who helps him make constructive plans for dealing with the bully. The moral and message of the story is based on the scripture  Ecclesiastes, which says: Keep your temper under control; it is foolish to harbor a grudge. The story itself is upbeat. The book is well-illustrated and fast-moving, and kids love it.

That sounds wonderful! It really seems like the perfect children’s book that adults could enjoy just as easily. What/who inspired you to create it?

My grandson who was six at the time. When asked how school was going one day, he complained about a bully picking on him and making him feel angry and sad. As we talked about the possible solutions to his bully problem, the seeds of the story were planted. Being a minister, I always try to incorporate a scripture into the story that the kids can easily recall when faced with a problem to help them get through their crisis.

How inspiring! Who/what are your main inspirations in general?

My grandchildren are my primary inspirations for my children’s books. I observe the things that they enjoy, as well as their problems and concerns, and I write stories that capture the important things in their lives and how they deal with them.

I find it very heartwarming that your grandchildren are such a big inspiration in your life. I’m sure anyone who has children and/or grandchildren feels the exact same way. What are the central themes you aim to convey in your work?

The central theme of the story Henry and the Bully and anything I write is the message of accepting people as they are. It encourages children to find things that they have in common with others and to use those things to build friendships.

Acceptance is a very powerful message to convey, and I’m glad you chose to convey it in your work. Last but certainly not least, if you could give some writing advice to fellow writers, what would it be?

Follow your heart. Write about the things that interest you and write for people that matter to you.

Perfect! Is there anything you’d like to share as a final note to the people who are reading this interview?

Yes, it is important that we use every means available to us to open up dialogue with the children in our lives. Reading together and discussing this book is a great way to bond over something fun and to create teachable moments with memories that can last forever.

Thank you, Debra! I had a lovely time speaking with you.