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📖Interview with Bahar Almasi on her forthcoming poetry book📖

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What has your creative journey been like?

I started in grade 3 writing what I considered as ‘poetry’, because I was obsessed with rhymes and meters. Since then, I have not ever stopped writing, reading, and educating myself about this form of art. So gradually, what originally started as a hobby turned into more of a calling.

I have published two books of poetry in the Persian language—both of which have been somewhat successful considering the times we live in (no one seems to read poetry anymore.).

My first collection, “Lady Gemini” was about me claiming authority over my poems after years of writing. This book reflects the evolution of my poetic style from 2010 to 2015. “Letters of Lead” on the other hand, was an artistic experiment with collaborative poetry and collaging famous poems with my own work, which I found highly educational and unequivocally gratifying.

The next step for me is to publish a selection of my poems in English.

What was your inspiration for “In Other Words”?

The reason I have decided to write and/or translate my Persian poetry into English is that although the majority of my imagery and motifs stem from the East, the subject matter of my poems is mostly inspired by life in the West. So, for my third collection, I intend to try the English language as a medium.

Only time will tell which one of the two languages is the more suitable medium.

What primary themes are covered in this collection?

I am somewhat of an activist. So, not surprisingly, most of my poems have an underlying social commentary. The specific subjects, however, depend on what is going on in the world. I have written about my take on feminism, war, education, child abuse, and even western and eastern cultural flaws.

Who/what are a few of your poetic muses?

I get inspired by underlying cultural myths and stories that shape people’s experience of the world. And I get inspired by sounds. To me, the way a poem sounds really impacts the reader’s take on the imagery.

Can you describe what your creating process is normally like?

I actually write my poems in one shot and edit them later, and then one last time just before publishing. But if I were to say where those lines in my poems come from, it’s a long process. I read and listen to the radio constantly. What this does, is that it not only gets me to think about things, but also creates a pool of interesting words simmering to be used. When the right time comes—usually when I’m alone or have had some privacy to hear the voices in my head—the words align themselves into a musical statement of my viewpoint about an issue. And that to me is like magic every time. This is why I love poetry so much!

How wonderful! Thank you very much for having this interview with me, Bahar! To anyone who is reading this: Bahar’s poetry book will be released this spring.

PicsArt_1462985524743_1Born in 1985, Bahar Almasi is an Iranian-Canadian poet, writer, and cultural activist. She made her début as a poet by publishing in Iranian youth magazines at the age of thirteen. An electrical engineer and a graduate of Knowledge, Media, Design by education, Bahar has continued to produce a wide array of works, ranging from poetry to short stories, plays, articles, translations, journalistic reports, and radio shows, published through Iranian and international outlets. She has also led and participated in various cultural events and campaigns in Toronto. Bahar Almasi has two books of poetry, Lady Gemini (2015, Canada), and Letters of Lead (2016, Iran).


Official Website:
Facebook: Bahar Almasi
Instagram: @Baharalmasi1

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📖PROMOTING POETRY BOOKS: “Urban Inspiration” by William H. Stokes📖

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A spiritual collage. A collection of poetic pieces aiming to impact the culture. The words infuse the dialect of Scriptures with life experiences, and deep truths. The mission of the poems is to inspire the reader to seek truth for themselves.

First and foremost, what was your main inspiration for Urban Inspiration?

I’ve had random pieces that I’ve written over the years, so I wanted to put together a tangible project. I have been doing Inspirational Hip-hop for the past 13 years. This poetry book brings a certain level of maturity to my passion.

Writing for over a decade is quite a long time, so it’s safe to say you’ve had a lot of time to hone your craft. Can you describe your writing journey in a few sentences?

I’ve been writing poetry since a young child. In my teenage years and early twenties I stepped away from my pen. Even though I went to college, I delved into a lifestyle revolving around sex, money and drugs. After an enlightening experience in my late twenties I began writing again. I did a lot of random pieces and put most of my poems to music. I always knew I was a gifted writer, and had a burning passion for it. I just decided to get focused on becoming a serious author.

I’m glad that you ultimately shifted your focus. What central messages are featured in this book of poetry?

I touch on a broad spectrum of themes but most of them come back to having faith. I paint pictures of inner-city issues, touch on racial tension, self-help, love and the frustrations of daily life.

Needless to say, you showcase a multitude of vital issues that are quite universal. In general, what would you say inspires you as a writer?

I am simply inspired by what I have seen throughout my life. I grew up in a low income area, and saw a lot. I am now married with children and living in a different environment. I pull from past experiences, my current family life, and the stories of people that cross my path.

Experiences (both good and bad) really have a way of shaping us as artists and as human beings. Now, let’s move on to the creative process. What does it typically look like for you?

I mainly write when the inspiration is there. I never force myself to write, but I do set aside specific times to brainstorm. I keep either my Notes app on my iPhone or a pen handy just in case some inspiring lines hit me. When I’m ready to piece something together, I’m able to pull from my notes and whatever is flowing at the moment.

I smiled when you brought up the Notes app. I feel like I use that thing more than pen and paper these days. But yeah, writing is a free-flowing sort of process and it’s never meant to be forced. Great point!

Before we wrap things up here, would you like to make any concluding comments to anyone who will read this interview?

I’m looking forward to the impact that Urban Inspiration will make in the lives of others. There is literally something for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or creed. I believe that writing is my gift to the world and Urban Inspiration is a part of my legacy and contribution to the betterment of society.

What a powerful final statement to make. It goes without saying that you’ve found your one true calling in life, William. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. You were a joy to talk to!

Urban Inspiration is available at the following websites:



📖The Bookpatch📖

📖Barnes and Noble📖


Find William on Facebook:

Author Page
Personal Page

Official Website

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📖 Poetry Book Interview with Ideas with Ink📖


IdeasWithInk_CoverLife Became His Poetry. Poetry Became His Life. Captivating Poetry and Prose collection by 16-year-old Canadian teenager. The pain, the betrayal, lost friendships, first unrequited love bled from his soul, seeped through his fingers and into the words and sentences on a laptop. The images born in his mind lived on paper. Three years of poetry filled with despair and hope went into this book and were conserved as the time capsule of his teenagehood. Writing gave him a purpose to live, a desire to share his thoughts, emotions, and experiences, a will to connect with the world through rhythm and line.

Time Capsule sounds like a beautiful book of compelling poetry. What inspired you to create it?

This collection consists of over three years of writing, thoughts, emotions, and insecurities for a modern teen. As I am writing another book, I literally wanted to save all of my previous life and preserve it in the Time Capsule.

What a fitting book title! Now, may you share your writing journey with us?

What started as a healing process from the cruel experiences of the High School life turned into a life journey and passion. Misunderstood, invisible, laughed at, I turned everything around and started writing. I’m also in the process of helping other creative Canadian teens and founded this project:, which will be going live in September 2017.

Now that we know a bit about your journey, let’s talk themes. What themes are showcased in this collection?

The themes of Love, Betrayal, Self-Worth, Why Do We Live and Die, Who Am I, etc.

Great choices! All of these are such universal themes. How about your personal muses?

Probably my life experiences and also my thoughts and dreams. I was lonely (and still am) but I write and create to share with the world.

Our innermost thoughts and dreams are certainly creative forces to be reckoned with. What does your writing process generally consist of?

I write every day for at least two hours. I then share it with my mother via google docs (we edit, add ideas, copy edit, etc.).

It’s wonderful how supportive your mother is of your craft. Do you have any forthcoming books?

My next book is coming in the Fall of 2017 and it is called nothing by nobody. It’s not just poetry, it also includes a lot of art and photography.

I love when creative minds dabble in multiple mediums. nothing by nobody sounds like yet another lovely collection. Now that this interview is coming to a close, is there anything else you’d like to say?

Yes. Always remain positive, work hard, and believe in yourself.

The perfect concluding words! Especially for us writers. If we don’t believe in ourselves, then our creativity suffers as a result. Self-belief is a super power, if you ask me. Anyway, thank you so much for having this interview with me! It was a joy chatting with you through and through.


Time Capsule is currently available as a
Paperback and Kindle book on Amazon.

Ideas with Ink’s Official Website:

The Publisher’s Website:

You can also find him on social media:
📖 Twitter: @IdeasWithInk
📖 Facebook: @IdeasWithInk
📖 Google+: Click here!