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No Problem: Children as Teachers (a parable)

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I posted this parable (in plain text) a while back ago, but now it’s available to read in e-book form. Enjoy!

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“Yrisse has a mind as infinite as the universe. Her parents and everyone around her seem to underestimate her, but she never stops asking life’s big questions. What are problems, what is dis-ease? Why do such horrible things have to exist? Her parent’s answers don’t satisfy her, so she creates her own.”

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Hope everyone had a fantastic Earth Day, by the way. ❤


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NOW:NOW (A Parable)

“It’s Now o’clock.” Sydni declared to the fancy-clothing cloaked gentleman who asked her what time it was.

He looked down at her clearly fake silver watch and then back up at her, amusement not apparent on his face to begin with. “9:15,” he muttered “Thanks…”

She watched him walk away like a quasi-robot would. Programmed to look at nothing but clocks and “ahead” and stocks, but never time well-spent. Her watch was more of a special commodity than anything else. She rarely looked at that thing, resentful of the illusion it spewed.

Hence why Sydni was late to work that day… again.

In through the stale-scented realty office she went, and in through her unwilling ears her boss’s forceful voice went. “Need I remind you, you work at 9:00 sharp, not 9:22 or 9:45… or any other time after 9.”

“Well, I’m here Now.” she reassured her as a matter of factly, and topped it with a smile hoping that one would be contagious.

“One more of these after 9 walk-ins and you’re fired. Now, get to work!”

“Define Now…” she muttered to herself.

“What was that?”

“Nothing. I’ll get to work. Good morning to you!”

She lied. Instead, she shut her cubicle door, took out a notepad and drew a line down the center of a page. On the left side, she drew a “-” and on the right, she drew a “+”. She wrote over the plus sign a few times for a more profound effect. The negative side, she left blank for focusing on such things would draw more of that particular energy in. On the positive side, she wrote: “Not working here” and drew a smiley face to deflect the morbidness of the “not.”

Truth is, she didn’t want to work in an environment that didn’t embrace the present moment and didn’t celebrate the presence of its employees.     Sydni quit. Not because she was a quitter, but because she was a go-getter, not-going-to-settler — an always-go-for-better even if it seems like the more difficult or “impossible” route to take.

How she went about quitting and the reaction she received from her boss and fellow co-workers is of unimportance. What’s paramount? The ending of one negative experience was actually the ultimate gateway to which she’d reach the beginning of a more positive, mind and soul expanding experience.

Days later, she started jotting down ideas for a new business pertaining to the self-help industry and planned to co-llaborate with one with as much vigor in their eyes as her own — preferably even more so. All while continuing to write poetry and parables. She even invented (within her mind) a digital clock that contained no numbers — just the letters and one character: “N” “O” “W” and a colon. She’s still waiting on the patent…



    The only “time” we have? NOW:NOW

Not yesterday and most certainly not tomorrow.

So don’t let them rob you of your newness — nowness.

Despise the job you work at? Create one that you’ll adore! And removing the word “despise” or “hate” from your personal dictionary will be a step in the right direction, too.

Don’t think such a thing is possible? Reprogram that beautifully limitless noggin of yours.

Transmute “No, I can’t!” to “Yes, I can!” Say it out loud if you have to… multiple times until it sticks.



Yes, I know you can.



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