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Actually, I can… 💪😀 #mondaymotivation

I’ve gotten a lot of naysaying “you can’ts” throughout my life, so this shirt seemed very appropriate.

Naysayers really don’t deserve your time of day. But maybe we can have compassion for them, as strange as that may sound. Maybe, just maybe these people have given up on themselves and feel the need to self-project their self-imposed limitations onto you. Chances are they don’t mean that YOU can’t do this or that, they simply believe THEY can’t do what you’re aspiring to do. They may actually think they’re giving you great advice and a “much-needed” reality check.

Perhaps some people are malicious and want to see you fail, but I’ll take a leap of faith and trust that most of these individuals are well-meaning and simply misguided. ❤

Actually, I can. Actually, you can!

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