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Actually, I can… 💪😀 #mondaymotivation

I’ve gotten a lot of naysaying “you can’ts” throughout my life, so this shirt seemed very appropriate.

Naysayers really don’t deserve your time of day. But maybe we can have compassion for them, as strange as that may sound. Maybe, just maybe these people have given up on themselves and feel the need to self-project their self-imposed limitations onto you. Chances are they don’t mean that YOU can’t do this or that, they simply believe THEY can’t do what you’re aspiring to do. They may actually think they’re giving you great advice and a “much-needed” reality check.

Perhaps some people are malicious and want to see you fail, but I’ll take a leap of faith and trust that most of these individuals are well-meaning and simply misguided. ❤

Actually, I can. Actually, you can!

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Anthrocentrism (Poetic Musing)


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Absence of Peace: The Biggest Ill of Them All ☮

I cannot articulate what happens to my heart when I hear about terrible occurrences that plague our world. While there is A LOT of light out there, it’s impossible to ignore life’s equally-as-many darknesses; ignorance, chaos, no compassion/empathy, hate.

It’s times like these (I wish it didn’t take times like these) to realize how ridiculous it is that I have ever allowed the littlest things to tick me off in the routine of life. (Example: I’ve gotten annoyed that the weather wasn’t agreeing with my plans, that I’ve had way too many projects going on at once, that my car battery died, etc.) <– Those little things? They MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The fact that I’m alive–that anyone is a live, is in and of itself beyond MEANINGFUL. Everyone deserves to live a long life full of beautiful memories and heart-felt moments. The terror the people have endured in Lebanon, Paris, and Japan recently is more than soul-shattering. Loved ones have been tragically lost, innocent people that had so much more life to live have passed on in ways I don’t want to think about too much right now… And the ones left behind are suffering unparalleled loss.

All I want is for this symbol below, to infuse peace into every crease and corner of the world and beyond–not just Lebanon, Paris, and Japan. I know natural disasters like earthquakes cannot be helped, but when one human life is taken (even if you never met the person or know their name) due to the absence of someone else’s compassion, it’s a true tragedy of the highest caliber. So, today (not tomorrow or the next day), live your life fully, love truly, give generously, and be wholly yourself. Please. Do this for yourself, but also do this for those people that can no longer be here with us to smile, live, laugh, dream.

Peace4Paris, Peace4TheWorld
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Plants Dance Too! (poetic musing + more)

Just because we stand
there for a minute
and see a sprout
at a standstill
doesn’t mean it doesn’t dance
when we’re not looking.

See? ↓

I’d like to take this a step further…

It’s easy to feel disconnected from certain living thingsespecially slow-moving plants and trees. Time lapses showcase their liveliness and sometimes, I have to sit down and watch some of these videos to snap me out of my human-centric perspective. I sometimes ask myself, “Do plants feel anything?” “Can they truly react to emotions?” Instead of discrediting that, I’m going to sound like the crazy person and say, why not? I’m open to the fact that anything is possible.

As for animals and all living things (we are animals too, by the way), I feel like the tinier they are, the more easily one can feel disconnected to them. To the point where if one finds a spider in their house, they squash it. If there are a few ants, they spray insect killer. You get the point. I suppose it’s easy to kill something that doesn’t make an audible noise (that you can hear). I’ve been guilty of this, so in no way am I trying to sound self-righteous, but ever since I’ve become more conscious of the world around me, I think twice before killing a bug (can’t lie, I’m scared of spiders and centipedes). Instead, I have a trusty plastic cup and a piece of thick paper to capture them and take them outside.

I’m still conflicted when it comes to infestations, though. I don’t want to kill anything, but what if it’s taking over my house? That’s going to be A LOT of trips to the front door…