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My Interview with The Mystic Nebula!

Go here to read the whole thing:

Thank you so much, Chris Vera for this wonderful opportunity. Mystic Nebula is a truly beautiful website full of amazing mystical poetry. Check it out and submit some of your own there, if you so choose:

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My interview with The Poem Epoch!

Today is Poehemian Press’s 1st Birthday! Here’s an interview with The Poem Epoch to celebrate.

the poem epoch

Eva X is a young Greco-American poet, artist, publisher, podcaster, performer, retailer and blogger. She brings poets together and promotes their work through a variety of channels.

So. Eva. Happy Birthday to Poehemian Press, which celebrates its first anniversary today! Take us through its evolution so far.

Thank you, Owain! Years ago, my good friend Suzy and I co-founded a poetry group and press called True Colors. We used to co-host poetry readings in the area for several months and now the project is currently on hiatus. Exactly a year ago, I decided to branch off of that and start my own project. Poehemian Press has been accepting poetry submissions for online publication, and just recently I also accept art and book review submissions.

A few months ago, I decided to put together a paperback anthology entitled “The Universe Inside” which features poems that were entered into Poehemian’s…

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