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Standing Still 💮

Together, let’s stand still
in this present moment
instilled with the purity
that the white begonias enveloping us evoke.
And in this serene standstill,
let us see each other sans our eyes,
feel each other without our hands,
step into one another’s universes
without taking a single step.

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Altared State

There’s an altar without
a Buddha statue, gemstones, or lit candles.
There are no chants bouncing off a wooden table.
There are no icons with gold-leafed backgrounds.

This altar is
two blue nebulas that,
instead of floating in space,
are housed in your eye sockets.
Peering into them brings me closer to The Cosmic Force
more than a Bible or traditional prayer at an actual altar ever can.

This altar is
the empty river bed my fingertips trace
south to north to south on your back.
It’s an altered state,
where you and I merged
is the only reality that paints
my sweaty naked body.

I was atheist until I met you.
I now find myself worshipping you
during each and every
and the silence between them.


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I Remember (poem) 💙

By being with you,
I forget fear,
Forget about the black oceans
that chase after my breath and jubilant emotions,
About the black hole that demands my soul,
The inner critic that only spews bitter winter,
Storm clouds that stalk me like blood hounds,
Thorn bushes that beg for me to worship them,
adorn my heart with them.
Tidal waves whose shadows darken my days.

By being with you,
I remember the innermost me,
The sunbeam me,
The celestial succubus me,
The self that is a living heaven despite Hell’s persistent spell.

I remember that I’m not those dying embers;
I’m the blue hue in a growing fire.

I now know that we don’t fall in love, we soar.
The only direction you take me is
higher and higher.
In rediscovering my inner peace
through you,
I forgot my 28-year inner war.

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