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Wolf🐺Tribe (poem)

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Stream of Consciousness Floetry #1

These words… They’re riverflowin’,

That vishuddha1, anja2 glowin’ like it’s nobody’s business.

Get this: My shadow’s restless, but all it needs to do is regret less,

Become an egret and coast from west to The East,

Meet those Zen gurus and fall at their feet,

Pray and praise till the shadow descends,

decays like the locust skin, skimpy and frayed.

Like a boomerang, come back to those roots,

Kick off those combat boots,

and dive deep like lotus roots in the mud.

I’m no Elmer Fudd3

No, I’m not hunting rabbits,

but The Truth… I gotta have it.

So down the rabbit hole I go to meet Alice

In Chains4, and with the magick tea set her free.

Enter divinity.

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  1. The throat chakra. It relates to communication.
  2. The third eye chakra. It relates to awakening and intuition.
  3. A character in “Looney Tunes.” Bugs Bunny’s archenemy.
  4. An alternative rock band.