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Muck (visual poem)


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Inner Glows ☆ (poem)

Where did the skin go?
Us two met & exposed like seeds
in cut-in-half pink lady apple, I was.
You got to know my core–my inner star
far before the living thing `neath my
cloaks, `fore touching the one attached
to my soul. Came to find the apple-
like quality of you:

The beauty of getting to know inner glows
first before the complexion glow on our
faces after raw root chakra connection.

apple animated GIF © 2015 – Eva PoeteX

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Tea the Fortune Teller |Poem|☕

“Mmms and yeahs and wows
are in your near future, my sweet.”
The mystic lady proclaims.
Her half-finished green tea
on the sanskrit scarf cloaked table
produces ripples as if it were
there listening in on future fucking.

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