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📖INTERVIEW: “Phoenix’s Journey Of Poetry Part II” by Lamecca Butler

In the poet’s own words: “A collection of Poetry! I share my life experiences through my poetry. The collection of poetry is a journey that I have been writing over the years. Love, relationships, sex, and everyday problems that go on in the average black woman’s life. My story is just put in poetry form.”

Good morning, Lamecca! I’m grateful to be speaking with you on this wonderful day. Thanks for being here. What inspired the creation of your book?

My inspiration for this book was the fact that I self-published my first poetry while homeless. I wanted to keep the momentum going.

That’s amazing. I can’t imagine the hardship you must have faced, so the fact that you pushed forward regardless is proof of your personal power and the power of poetry to guide you out of difficult times. When did your love of writing come about?

I began writing as a little girl. It was my best form of expression.

Poetry is definitely a great tool to authentically express oneself. What is the central message you’re attempting to put into the world through this collection of poems?

My message that I’m striving to convey is that I have been through more than most can fathom, so if I can do it, anyone can do it.

How empowering! I admire your can-do attitude. So, what gets your creative juices flowing when sitting down to write?

I literally base my poetry off of emotion. I write from my personal experience or the emphatic view from afar.

I have been through more than most can fathom, so if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Emotion (any emotion, really) and experience (both good and bad) are the muses of all muses. Thank you again for taking some time out of your day to have this lovely chat. 💛


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Wolf🐺Tribe (poem)

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📖INTERVIEW: “Moon Chaser: Running from the Sun” by Brooke Lynn Knight

Moon Chaser: Running from the Sun is a collection of poems displaying conflicting emotions of a toxic relationship. Moreover, it is an intense story of two forces colliding in a rush of passion and pain.

Hi, Brooke! As a fellow moon chaser, I’m especially excited to be having this interview with you. First things first: What inspired this book into being?

This collection of poems was inspired by my personal experience in a toxic relationship with a sociopath.

Such darkness could definitely result in a sea’s worth of poetry. I can vouch for that, unfortunately and fortunately (?). How did your passion for poetty come about?

I have been writing for most of my life and it has always been a true passion of mine.

So, a lifelong poet. I can most certainly relate. 🙂 What are some central themes that are showcased in this collection?

The collection of poems convey the raw emotions of a toxic relationship. It is meant for an audience that can truly relate their experiences and understand that they are not alone in the struggle and confusion of relationships such as these.

I’m glad you created a book that has the potential of reminding people that they really aren’t alone in their relationship struggles and toxicity in general. What are you biggest influences in general?

I am influenced by pure, unmodified emotions and experiences.

Those type of emotions really are what poetry is all about! So, how doesn’t your writing process typically look like?

I prefer to take my time during the writing process. It is important that I feel the poetry pour out as opposed to producing when I am nor ready. It is time-consuming but well worth the wait when completed.

That is so very true! I must ask… Will you continue to produce more poetry?

Yes, I am excited to pursue my dream of becoming a well-known and admired poet and author.

It is important that I feel the poetry pour out…

Excellent! I’m happy to hear that. Don’t ever put that pen down. Do you have any remaining thoughts that you would like to get off your chest?

I thank everyone who has taken the time and taken the chance to read my first collection of poems and hope that you all will follow me on my journey as I continue to produce more raw works of art.

And I thank YOU for chatting with me about your wonderful book of poems. May inspiration consistently flow to you ceaslessly! 🌝



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Stargazers (poem)

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📖INTERVIEW: “The Spaces Between Breaths” by Melissa Moy📖

Join the journey of self-exploration through a time of struggle and renewal. Moy captivates you with her raw and exposing poems. You will be forced to question what you thought you understood about yourself and the world. These poems challenge the reader to grow beyond what is now known as reality. A poetic escape into the mind and heart that journeys through tragedy and revelation.

Good morning, Melissa! I’m thrilled to be talking to you today. “The Spaces Between Breaths” is quite the captivating title. But that’s only one piece of this poetic puzzle. What was your inspiration for this book in its entirety?

I underwent some struggles with the loss of some important relationships in my life. Betrayal seemed to be a running theme. My son also got diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitis. A trauma my son had hidden for a couple of years came to light, breaking my heart and shattering our world. It was the journey through these things, the recovery, and most importantly, the reflection.

Dark times have a way of shaping us as both writers and as people. When did the initial spark of creativity enter your life?

I’ve written poetry since I can remember holding a pencil. Sometimes I think I lived it in the ways I lived and the relationships I shared.

That’s such a beautiful way of putting it! What are a few of the central messages you’re striving to portray in this poetry collection?

Self-exploration, staying true to yourself, finding our own peace in life, growing constantly as a person.

I lived [poetry] in […] the relationships I shared.

These are all very profound themes. What poets have influenced along your writing journey?

e.e. Cummings and Emily Dickinson.

Excellent choices! What’s your approach to writing?

Sometimes phrases or words just come to me at random points. They collect on my phone in the notes app, voice memos, etc. Sometimes I’ll even catch myself reciting poetry while cooking dinner or taking a shower. The words just come and whether they’re captured or not depends on fate. Sometimes my feelings are just so strong, they must materialize into words and I have no choice but to obey. A few even came from writing experiences I would provide my students and the jealous writer in me would have to join in on the writing fun.

I love it! Are there any final thoughts you’d like to leave the community with?

People often look at me and ask how I do it, how I manage everything. I often tell them, I just do, I just have to. Writing, though, it has been the boat for my journey and allowed me to embrace the pain and enable the growth.

Two years ago a new teacher started teaching next door to me and she quickly became my best friend, Abeer Afana. I don’t think I could have evolved into the confident person or writer that I am today if it hadn’t been for her constant support and encouragement.

Over the last couple of years I have neglected myself in so many ways. I needed to take a leap and try to chase my dreams. As a teacher, it is my job to lead my students by example. That is why I finally deiced to put my writing out there, in this chapbook. By the end of March I should also have a children’s book published. It is currently being illustrated.

Thank you for the empowering concluding words. You’re such an inspiration, Melissa! 💙


Writing has always been a passion for Melissa Moy, something that she will never be able to give up or turn her back on…it is…who she is. From the very start of her educational experiences, Moy gravitated toward written expression. When asked when or how she first learned to write she simply replied, “There was never a ‘how’, only a ‘had to.’ I just had to write, and so I did.” Moy’s writing dips into a plethora of forms and topics, but poetry has always been most near and dear to her heart. “Writing is the wind that blows the sails of emotion and thought, so that we may better travel the seas of our lives.

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