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For|give (poem)

I became
as light as
a peacock feather
when I did that thing
that starts
with the same letter
as ‘feather’
with just as many
but heavier:


F o r g i v e.

  1. I forgive the self,
    for sans that forgiveness
    leads to resentment & sickness.
  2.  I forgive my former loves.
  3.  The rabid wolves
    disguised as doves.
  4. My kindergarten teacher
    for putting me in time out
    because I couldn’t spell
    my 12-letter last name.
  5. Those who said you’re
    wasting your time with poetry.
  6. Did I mention I forgive myself
    for not forgiving myself all these
  7. I forgive the mind for deluding itself
    into thinking some people don’t deserve


You know
what also makes me feel
as light as a feather? Giving.


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© 2015 – Eva PoeteX



Evy Zen (formerly Eva PoeteX) is a mystic poetess, eclectic artist, fiction writer, and wellness advocate who calls the Greater Cleveland area home sweet home. Born a Clevelander with a Greek lineage, the arts started being a major part of her life the moment she picked up her first crayon. To date, dozens of Evy's writings have been featured in publications like Thought Catalog, The Journey Magazine, and Journey of the Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry. As a spoken word poet, she has also had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous musicians across the globe. Currently, Evy is the Founding Editor of Poehemian Press and runs the decade-young poetry website (formerly The Artistic Muse). Additionally, she is the author of several independently and locally published poetry books, including "Esoterra" and "Sacred Shapes." Furthermore, she works as a full-time freelance writer and editor. In 2012, Evy received a Bachelor of Arts degree (honors) in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University. She also obtained a Diploma (distinction) in Exercise Nutrition from Shaw Academy four years later. When she's not creating, Evy Zen recharges her batteries by reading her weight in books ("The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho is her personal favorite), going on epic bike rides, meditating to ambient music, and racing super cars behind the safety of her computer or TV screen. To find out more, visit her official website at

16 thoughts on “For|give (poem)

  1. Lovely poem! I feel that many get confused about forgiving others, as if to forgive you condone their treatment of you or their actions, and I remind them…forgiveness is really for you, it is allowing you to release the hold that event/circumstance had on you that keeps replaying in your mind and body and keeps reproducing all those affects over and over. Forgiveness is not saying you have to be friends with that person again or allow them to treat that way again.

    I can relate to your kindergarten experience. I took my teddy bear to nursery school, although my Mom attempted to get me to leave it at home. It had eyes that opened and closed. Another kid mangled my bear and I got mad at him and sad something bad to him for doing it and I was the one who got my mouth washed out with soap, although he received no punishment. So I went home with a yucky taste in my mouth, a mangled bear and my first experience of being punished for standing up for myself 😦

    It has taken me a long time to learn to stand up for myself and not punish myself for it, but in releasing the ignorance of others, I free myself.

    It takes courage to forgive, glad you could do it!

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment! Your words are so wise and I appreciate you sharing them with me.

      I’m sorry to hear about your kindergarten experience. I had lots of other experiences like that… Where I wasn’t exactly at fault, but I was punished. Getting your mouth washed out with soap sounds horrid, though. :/ I mainly just got unwarranted time outs.

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      1. Lol.
        My English it’s so poor… ¡Thanks God for Google’s translator!

        I’m sorry, I had activate the automatic translator, that’s the reason I answered in Spanish.
        I was talking about Christmas, I should have said you ¡Merry Christmas!


      2. Lol.
        My English it’s so poor… ¡Thanks God for “The Google’s translator”!

        I’m sorry, I had activate the automatic translator, that’s the reason I answered in Spanish.
        I was talking about Christmas, I should have said you ¡Merry Christmas!


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