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Autumn’s being born again… 🍁 (poem)

Hint of golden on
still-jade tree tips,
occasional fallen leaves
crinch-crunch `neath clothen
soles & flimsy bicycle-wheels,
Birds, once symphony, now
a duet of song  “goodbye
summertime” they sing,
“Goodbye!” Summer soul-stice,
stubborn, still radiates her slight
sizzle  sweat still a reality
to the outdoor runners. But
the Oktoberfest will arrive 
the yearly rebirth of autumn,
inevitable. Sweet summer, rest!

Savor the green while it lasts,
Then savor the vibrant colors,
Then, the great white-out.

© 2014 – Ēva PøeteX

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Evy Zen (formerly Eva PoeteX) is a Mystic Poetess, Eclectic Artist, and Wellness Advocate who calls the Greater Cleveland area home sweet home. Born a Clevelander with a Greek lineage, the arts started being a major part of her life the moment she picked up her first crayon. To date, dozens of Evy's writings have been featured in publications like Thought Catalog, The Journey Magazine, and TheSeeds4Life. She has also had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous musicians and artists across the globe. Currently, Evy is the Founding Editor of Poehemian Press and the Co-Founder of Health Mastery Movement. Additionally, she is the author of several poetry books, including Esoterra and Sacred Shapes. Furthermore, she holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University and a Diploma in Exercise Nutrition from Shaw Academy. When she's not creating, she enjoys reading her weight in philosophical books, going on epic bike rides, playing racing games, and meditating to ambient music. To find out more, visit Evy Zen’s official website:

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