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Àrchives øf the Mînd

If one spends too much time running
`round in the labyrinthine archives
of the mind, one finds a Lady Past
who, alas, can never be changed,
rather, relived–empowered—somuch
so that she grabs choking-hold
of Today, blues her face, & robs
you of your pr(essence).


ⓒ 2014 – Ēva PoeteX



Evy Zen (formerly Eva PoeteX) is a mystic poetess, eclectic artist, fiction writer, and wellness advocate who calls the Greater Cleveland area home sweet home. Born a Clevelander with a Greek lineage, the arts started being a major part of her life the moment she picked up her first crayon. To date, dozens of Evy's writings have been featured in publications like Thought Catalog, The Journey Magazine, and Journey of the Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry. As a spoken word poet, she has also had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous musicians across the globe. Currently, Evy is the Founding Editor of Poehemian Press and runs the decade-young poetry website (formerly The Artistic Muse). Additionally, she is the author of several independently and locally published poetry books, including "Esoterra" and "Sacred Shapes." Furthermore, she works as a full-time freelance writer and editor. In 2012, Evy received a Bachelor of Arts degree (honors) in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University. She also obtained a Diploma (distinction) in Exercise Nutrition from Shaw Academy four years later. When she's not creating, Evy Zen recharges her batteries by reading her weight in books ("The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho is her personal favorite), going on epic bike rides, meditating to ambient music, and racing super cars behind the safety of her computer or TV screen. To find out more, visit her official website at

2 thoughts on “Àrchives øf the Mînd

  1. “the labyrinthine archives of the mind”, such delicious phraseology, very poetic indeed.
    I like the fact that you like words so much, and not just their meanings but their structures and anatomy. I’ve noticed it quite a lot in your writing, such as the essence in pr(essence) in this piece or the three i’s in infinity and others. It is the kind of thing that I notice and look for in words also, so it’s nice to see others doing the same.
    Do you like anagrams?
    I am or have been writing on and off a short story about a man who tries to destroy infinity. I would have probably given up a long while back but while trying to think of a name for the man I happened to stumble upon Peter Paul which is an anagram of perpetual… So the damn thing must be written.
    Eternity – Entirety
    Ultraism – Altruism
    My second favourite anagram is
    Intoxicate – Excitation… I would tell you my favourite but I’m excitedly drunk and I can’t remember.
    Anyway, must dash, I’ve got another 20 blogs in which I will leaving long rambling messages of madness.
    Be happy and keep writing,


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