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Wisdom of the Day #6

Wisdom of the Day #6



Evy Zen (formerly Eva PoeteX) is a mystic poetess, eclectic artist, fiction writer, and wellness advocate who calls the Greater Cleveland area home sweet home. Born a Clevelander with a Greek lineage, the arts started being a major part of her life the moment she picked up her first crayon. To date, dozens of Evy's writings have been featured in publications like Thought Catalog, The Journey Magazine, and Journey of the Heart: Women's Spiritual Poetry. As a spoken word poet, she has also had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous musicians across the globe. Currently, Evy is the Founding Editor of Poehemian Press and runs the decade-young poetry website (formerly The Artistic Muse). Additionally, she is the author of several independently and locally published poetry books, including "Esoterra" and "Sacred Shapes." Furthermore, she works as a full-time freelance writer and editor. In 2012, Evy received a Bachelor of Arts degree (honors) in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University. She also obtained a Diploma (distinction) in Exercise Nutrition from Shaw Academy four years later. When she's not creating, Evy Zen recharges her batteries by reading her weight in books ("The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho is her personal favorite), going on epic bike rides, meditating to ambient music, and racing super cars behind the safety of her computer or TV screen. To find out more, visit her official website at

8 thoughts on “Wisdom of the Day #6

    1. πŸ˜€ Thank you very much!

      And please do enlighten me… what does r/lhp mean? I’m so bad with abbreviations or internet-speak. XD Sorry.


  1. left hand path vs the right hand path are “ways” or types of attitudes toward personal growth. out of tantra, but has symbolic connection everywhere, including the bible (peter to the right of christ, judas to the left).

    it is all very muddied these days as occultists mark all fundamentalist xtians as on the “rigid Right” path, where all hipster quasi-esoteric types are LHP, the path of self-affirming and intentional life guidance.

    I have 100,000 words to say on this. i’ll spare u πŸ˜‰

    the either/or dichotomy and opposites of red/blue l/rHP, female/male constructed v transmuted knowledge… all these play in to the idea of the “two ways” of reaching divinity.

    whew. keep doing what your doing eva. i hope we stick close and combine creative energy. I dig your writing. a lot.


    google the topic. wiki says of the division.. something like, “the rhp sees god at the end of the path. the lhp way sees themselves as becoming god with no other above.”

    there is a union between the two… and that union is the big “path” question. for me.


    1. Thank you for sharing all that and for the kind comments! I did a google search and urban dictionary said something somewhat similar. It’s definitely fascinating.

      Personally, I feel like god/goddess/source/The Universe or whatever else you want to call it is within us, but it’s also everywhere at the same time. Once you awaken, your life shifts accordingly. Remaining truly conscious in the present moment unleashes your “inner god/dess” I’m not a fan of the black/white, left/right mentalities. It’s in the gray area where truth tends to lie. Pun unintended. But hey, that’s just my take. ^_^


  2. .yesyesyes. eva loving it and that is a huge issue. you are in the right place. and the pan-thiestic view of god in everything is the true basis of all transmuted knowledge. good for you. it’s even their in christian mystical writings exemplified by.. maybe, well all of them Asissi, John of the cross, Theresa. trust me, many like mother Theresa couch their true “god is all” pantheism in christian theistic words and categories, just to have a language that resonates with the world population.

    and they’re smart to. not everybody can stomach words like “goddess”.
    you can delete this link, but it’s a post i just put out on the topic of 10 reasons why jesus might have taught in parables instead of direct-speak.

    miss blue on the right was flirting with me just now—>
    β™« jim


    1. All in all, I think it’s unhealthy to think we are God/dess and everything outside of us needs to cater to our needs. But it’s also unhealthy to think that we are limited, feeble existences and there’s a dictator God/dess punishing people every moment of their lives. Each of these are belief systems that stem out of fear and ego, ultimately. When one sees the world in such a black and white way, I don’t blame them for clutching onto the labels Agnostic and Atheist or just becoming extremist / closed off to EVERYTHING apart from their version of the truth. Religion or any labels pertaining to beliefs seems flat-out toxic. If one asks me what my beliefs are I just say: Our limitless potential, love being within out and with out us, The Present Moment, etc. … or I just have them listen to “Within You,Without You” and “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles.

      Blue Flame Girl is taken by the Red Flame Guy on the left, by the way.


      1. red guy aint god. he’s red dude, and able to be wooped.

        I am going to look for this wisdom in your poetry. I already know it’s there, because we cannot escape having it leak in.. water thru the fingers. even when i try to force myself out, the absences i leave speak loud. like poetry does.

        i believe poetry can be loud. i say we try it. serious.
        to gang up and roast red guy i mean πŸ˜‰

        <—–I could take him i think.

        Jim β™«


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